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24 adapter Customers Reviews

  • Easy to install and works perfectly

    posted by tropycool

    English: Good price and good quality // Español: Buen precio y buena calidad
    English: The screws can take star head to use a tool to attach the adapter. // Español: Los tornillos podrian tener cabeza de estrella para poder fijar con un destornillador.
    English: Good price and good quality. Easy to conect and works directly. // Español: Buen precio y buena calidad. Facil de conectar y funciona directamente. No se necesitan conocimientos para instalarlo, ni manual, es conectarlo directamente a la salida HDMI y conectar el cable DVI que va al monitor.
  • It Just Works

    posted by Xudonax

    Great product, just plug it in between two normal DVI cables and you've got yourself a longer cable :)
    It really is a plug&play solution for a problem where most people just get a new cable or move equipment closer to each other. I have lots of 1 to 3 meter DVI cables laying around, and this makes the longest possible cable about 6 meters. Much cheaper than getting a new cable.
    If you need a longer DVI cable, but don't want to spend to bucks on it, this is your solution. Also great to use in combination with SKU 35197 to make the cable longer than the supplied 1.8 meters.
  • Working as expected so far

    posted by adriwiekens

    Using both cable and converter, so far no problems and functioning to satisfaction. Cable length as advertized which was long enough for to make a clean and tidy connection between my system and the screen. Image quality is good at 1920x1200 @60 hz, have not been able to test full dual link capability yet at 2560x1440.
    The cable is rather thin, so it might be rather fragile, have not tested this though.
    Good quality product at a very nice price tag.
  • Works with 30" Apple Cinema Display

    posted by Jonas0707

    This adapter will connect the 30" Apple Cinema Display to a new MacBook with MiniDisplay Port at full resolution.
    Adapter has DVI+USB connector and you need to connect both. This adapter is the least expensive one I found. To me it's the only adapter allowing my to use my older - but still superb Apple Cinema Display - with my new MacBook.
    Without this adapter I would have a useless 30" inch display.
  • Works as expected.

    posted by Nekorin

    - Works as expected, without a hitch.
    - Solid casing
    Check if your card has the 5 pins! I originally bought this for my onboard video, which didn't have the 5 pin, luckily my graphic card accepted it.
    I was pretty stoked finding this on DX. DVI-VGA M-F adapters were selling at a local store for $30 CAD.
    Grab one if you need one. Remember to check if it has the right amount of pins.

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