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230 ultrafire Customers Reviews

  • Way better than those with multiple blueish LEDs

    posted by drf666

    One of the rare Cree LED I've seen that really works with only 1xAA Battery. LED pattern is great and really powerfull.
    The description mentions a Glow-In-The-Dark switch... Current shipping production does not seems to have it. But it could be arranged cheap using sku 5714.
    Get one (or more!), at that price, you do like me and leave your old maglight for the kids!
  • Great little light

    posted by KLFDX

    Very small lightweight and pocketable. VERY bright.
    Nice sculpted non-industrial shape. Very comfortable in the hand.
    Mode memory retains the last setting.
    Nice wrist strap/lanyard.
    Seems to be solidly built.
    This easily my favorite all purpose flashlight. Even though it is very small it is very bright with an even illumination pattern and excellent throw.
    Nearly as small as a Maglite Solitaire (same length, but fatter), but as bright as a 3D cell Mag.
    I also have a SKU 16844. This is the same general concept and size but I find this much more useful and generally better in every way, including price.
    With a rechargeable CR123, this is as bright as SKU 17593 (which I am using in SKU 903 with 2 non-rechargeable CR123's)
    Although I would love to have a light like this that runs on a standard AAA, until that exists this is excellent!
  • Very Nice Light

    posted by flyboy284

    -Is small and bright
    -Has good throw
    -Has good regulation
    -Feels relatively solid
    -Can be disassembled
    -Half pressing the switch in any mode will switch modes. same as clicking off then on quickly.
    -Memory mode works good. (locked in by leaving off for longer than a 1 second.)
    -Spill is very even, but could be brighter
    -I would guess that the brightness on High lies around 150-180 lumens, Low around 15 lumens. High is almost as bright as my 230 lumen EagleTac on Turbo Mode and about as bright as the EagleTac on low mode, 15 lumens.
    -I was able to make the Protected Cell fit by removing the green o-ring at the lens. (not ideal but it works)
    -While disassembling the light I could not figure out how to remove the switch. I accidentally pulled the switch apart with pliers (spring and metal pieces fell out) but was able to snap it all back together.
    -Current tests reviled a 3.7 volt Li-ion draws around 750ma on high and 80ma on low. A 1.2 NiMH draws around 1500ma on high. Brightness seemed relatively the same with both cells.
    -Would be nice if it were able to accommodate protected 16340 cells more easily.
    I love the fact that the low mode is 15-20 lumen as opposed to 80 lumens. I would have liked a third mode of around 60 lumens instead of the strobe mode. It can get pretty warm after a few minutes in high mode.
    This is an awesome light, with a simple UI, and memory feature. Would buy again, just wish it had included a clip. So, if your looking for a small, powerful, high quality, and nice looking flashlight; look no further.
  • Wow... my new favorite AA flashlight

    posted by nukenik

    This is a sturdy little Cree that throws an impressive amount of light from a single AA battery. (I have not tried it with the 14500, but I prefer to use more readily available batteries. The light is clean and white. The build is sturdy with a nice heft, but still small enough to be a pocket pal.
    In side by side comparison with my old favorite, SKU 3607, this little beauty outperformed in brightness and whiteness. It costs a few dollars more, but just a few.
    I bought one for testing and came back to order three additional. Very happy.
  • Compact and very light

    posted by ttakita

    Using CR2 battery, very small and compact and light weight
    Very good quality
    Is better to use two batteries. CR2 or 2 × AA
    Delivery to Japan two weeks earlier
    Since the switch is good quality, pleasant operation
    Do not know the detailed specifications
    I think better than the light irradiation angle and can be varied
    If you are looking for a small bright flashlight, this is it

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