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230 lumen cree

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230 lumen cree Customers Reviews

  • Really good

    posted by Fenki

    The most interesting: The light output is absolutely great for this size! I don't have the instruments to meassure lumens, but with a 3.7 Volt RCR123 it looks like it could be 230 lumens (compared to other, known lights).There's nothing to complain about the build quality. Even the surface seems really durable.I like the different brightness modes for I often use it to see something hidden in a computercase - high mode would just be blinding.
    It's an absolutely great light for this price, and really bright if used with rechargeables.
    I alreday had to reorder 5 pieces for colleagues - a combo with the nano charger and 3.6 Volt trustfire, protected batteries.
  • Excellent Choice

    posted by wiseone

    I bought this torch hoping that it would turn out to be a very good quality Q5 C8 clone. Having now received the torch I am extremely pleased. The quality of the torch is excellent. very bright output with a strong hot spot and reasonable spill. Very much a thrower. Nice grey finish. The 5 modes work well.Mine doesn't have memory, seems to revert back to high after being off for more than 5 seconds. Nice GITD button too.
    R5 version would be really nice. measured around 700mA at the tailcap while on high. Not sure if pill is glued to the head.
    Excellent Q5 C8 clone. If you are looking for a Q5 C8 clone this torch represents excellent value.
  • good flashlight

    posted by joss99

    High quality light for a reasonable price. Texturing the surface of the reflector provides wide angle of the light spot. A good heat dissipation from the diode, for 4-5 minutes flashlight uniformly heated to a temperature of 40 degrees. The small size of only 11.5 inches long.
    This flashlight is definitely worth the money at 100%. All of the above disadvantages are eliminated in 20 minutes and the result is a great flashlight.
  • Good torchlight for ladies.

    posted by littlegiant

    Really bright. Amazingly bright for such a small torch light. But of course you will need good quality batteries for this torch light to shine. Build quality is really good as well. The body is made of brass with chrome plating.
    I've reduced to the thickness of the rubber tail cap flange by half so that the switch can be screwed further into the body to accomodate a protected 16430 battery. The tail switch can be easily removed by pressing a pair of pliers onto the white rubber portion (from the battery side) of the tail switch and turning it in the anti-clockwise direction.
    Looks really good. And my girlfriend likes it alot.
  • good

    posted by mirellinda

    Thats a well built flashlight. It has smooth aluminum reflector so it produces a bright hotspot. The led is XPG but i cant say which bin is it, i dont know if its a real R5. It has a great finish and arrived with the threads clean.
    Despite having a smooth reflector, XPG led does not have the ringy output like XRE with smooth reflector.
    If you are looking for a light which throws far, you can go with this. It does not throw as much as Cree XRE but it produces more light and has a better spill.

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