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220v power Customers Reviews

  • Only Chinese manual

    posted by bkeys

    Auto-polarity.Easily adjusts to all cell phone batteries I own.Two LEDs (one red, one red/green) show charging state.
    I had owned another charger (SKU 81076) which went up in a bang and a cloud of smoke after little more than a year, so I went for another one. At the time of purchase, there were no devices with EU plugs available, and I chose this one instead.I'm a bit worried by the voltages shown on the bottom: "USB 6.2V" reads a bit unusual, doesn't it?
    Once one gets used to what it tries to tell me, it's a nice device.
  • Good value for money

    posted by Cameron657

    ~ Small and lightweight~ Cutoff and other safety features~ Accepts US, EU and AU plugs. I think it would fit UK plugs too but I haven't properly checked yet.~ Runs everything I have thrown at it. I've used it with several notebook chargers, a CRT TV and light bulbs.~
    Needs a bit of user modification to work 100% effectively. Also, remember it outputs a modified sine wave, so this thing won't work with anything containing an AC motor (e.g. refrigerators, desk/pedestal fans, etc). USB output seems to be 500mA.
    Worth a buy, but I'd mainly recommend it to people who are handy with electronics or DIY who can fix a few of the issues it has. I find the product very useful.
  • Very cool button

    posted by queensoft

    Very good quality, strong build.Product image is excellent, colors are very bright, exactly like that.Each connector and wire has different color and text (HDD LED, Power LED, Power SW, Reset SW).All parts are included:- power button, very long cable- one small philips screw- one small metal bracket, for the back of the computer- one round stick pad, to place the button wherever you wantVery easy to install, each connector fits exactly on the motherboard.Cable is very very long, you can put your nw fancy power button whereever you want.
    Very cool item, product image is very good, exactly like product.Reset button is pretty small.This could be a good thing, you don.t need to reset your computer by accident.
    Excellent, I would recommend it to all my friends.
  • Versatile little timer

    posted by Megaavr

    Low cost less than plug in power point timers but has exactly the same functions with a replaceable battery. It mounts via screws or using a standard DIN rail, internal construction as good as any other timer that I have that costs twice as much. The case is large enough to hold more circuitry maybe your own additional micro-controller or even using the case for your own project as DIN rail mounts cost far more.
    The unit comes with a 10amp relay installed but as it has provision on the board for the larger 20 to 30 amp profile it is an easy job to replace it with the larger ones, the internal cables should be ok to 15amps and are welded onto one terminal and crimped to the other.
    Very useful and versatile low cost timer with many uses.
  • Fullfil its function

    posted by sergcara

    Functionally it works properly.I connected my laptop in the car for very long without troubles.The cables are good quality
    It is not bad product. The aspect of the product is tidy , the cabinet is e king of aluminum alloy.Another detail import is that after long usage the cabinet is not hot.
    it is worth value.


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