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220v power inverter

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220v power inverter Customers Reviews

  • Works a treat, nicely built

    posted by Sean_K

    It put's out the rated power, not a bother, and is pretty stable. It's got a fan too keep things cool, so I presume it won't go overheating on me!
    I haven't looked at the internals yet, so I don't have a very good idea of quality. But the exterior is quite nice and sturdy.
    Extremely good value, great for charging a laptop on the move or a phone/ipod or whatever.
  • Good value for money

    posted by Cameron657

    ~ Small and lightweight~ Cutoff and other safety features~ Accepts US, EU and AU plugs. I think it would fit UK plugs too but I haven't properly checked yet.~ Runs everything I have thrown at it. I've used it with several notebook chargers, a CRT TV and light bulbs.~
    Needs a bit of user modification to work 100% effectively. Also, remember it outputs a modified sine wave, so this thing won't work with anything containing an AC motor (e.g. refrigerators, desk/pedestal fans, etc). USB output seems to be 500mA.
    Worth a buy, but I'd mainly recommend it to people who are handy with electronics or DIY who can fix a few of the issues it has. I find the product very useful.
  • Very practical inverter

    posted by trhenr

    1. Size is small. 2. Comes with two sets of cables, cigarette plug and battery clamps, the latter are ideal for use in e.g. a mountain cabin where the clamps are connected directly to the battery poles. 3. USB 5V is available. 4. Works noiseless and stable, the fan does not start on small currents - e.g. when using it only for charging a cell phone. 5. It is much more robust than the smaller inverters (e.g. 150W of the same type) and seems to have circuit protection (separate fault led).
    This item is perfect for a solar panel powered mountain cabin w/12V batteries. During daytime solar energy is usually wasted since the batteries stay fully charged and lights are switched off, but through this inverter the energy can be used for charging small devices.
    I'm very happy with this product which offers great value for money.
  • Works fine

    posted by k_t_t

    Very cheap, small sized. European power plug can be plugged directly to device. Does not have ventilator, thus it does not generate additional noise.
    I'm using inverter with my laptop (currently Lenovo T60) to use the computer in car. Earlier I have tried another cheap inverter, with that the laptop's power adaptor did not recognice electricity. With this device, laptop works fine.
    I haven't seen as cheap inverter in this power class. I am happy to recommend this.
  • Great and useful item for travel and get energy from car to devices.

    posted by nicolasantoci

    The product is very simple to use and is very useful for uses in travels. It comes with a fan to cool the system and also with variable internal resistance with temperature for protection.You can connect all common connectors of 220v or USB cable. It is compact and durable.It comes with an internal fuse that can be seen by removing the red plastic cap. It's like those who come in cars (rectangular).
    Nothing to say.
    It is a very good product and convenient for travel without problems of charging energy of our devices.


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