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220v led bulb

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220v led bulb Customers Reviews

  • Well done!!!

    posted by banovi

    all products in perfect condition. All work well and have had no problems with them.Easy to find in the store and very detailed product information.
    Until I can not spend time evaluating the product better.The arrival time of the product is too high. Should evaluate to shorten this time to encourage people to shop online.
    I recommend trying this alternative way to shop.Future buy higher-priced products, but sometimes time is against him.
  • Real light

    posted by RoboP

    real bulb, firs impression equal to 11W CFL lamp ,i exchanged one of 4 bulbs in chandelier to test it and noticed no difference, it look cooler because the chandelier is shaped as flowers and cfl lamp sticked out but now it looks like sunflower :)
    expected the bulb will be bigger, it's more pro for me, the light is compared to normal bulb more directional, not lightning ball but flat disc, would be nice idea to combine it with SKU35428 (bulb with sensors)
    pretty cool, good price , worth to buy
  • everything I expected

    posted by MarkoPeranic

    Price, lighting power, simplicity, power consumption, brightness, quick delivery
    Everything I expected from this product for a fair price and quick delivery, cheap and high quality product, fast delivery to home, product contains everything I expected, the light is strong enough and the power consumption low
    cheap and high quality product, fast delivery to home, product contains everything I expected, the light is strong enough and the power consumption low
  • A superb outdoor bulb!

    posted by Thro

    This bulb is perfect for bigger outdoor lamps.I went from a 125 W Osram bulb too this one.And I have to say, this one is much better!It gives more and better light than the 125 W and you can touch it without burning yourself. And its only 16,2 W! Of course the bulb get heated up, but its nothing compare to the old 125 W. With 270 LED is natural that there will be some heat, but its almost nothing. As I say, you can take all around it without burning yourself!I use this in the lamp at the barn.
    Its a little big, but I will recommend this for a outdoor lamp (that should be bigger than indoors).My old 125 W Osram was almost the same size.
    Im really happy with this product. And also suprised that it gives more light than a Osram 125 W bulb!! :)So if you need more light outdoor, and have a lamp that could take this, go for it! :)
  • We purchased these to use on our farm

    posted by AGAROMmarketing

    We have a farm that is powered only by a gasoline powered generator and a stack of batteries. We ordered 10 of these LED lamps and 10 of the 4.5 watt lamps. Last we we received them 3 weeks to the day from Deal Extreme. We changed all of the lamps from mini florescent to these. Our batteries last twice as long between generator runs. The lamps all work beautifully. The voltage draw is less for these then for the Florescent lamps.
    We we will certainly be shopping more at Deal Extreme.
    These do a wonderful job lighting the farm. they also are supposed to have a much longer life (at least 50000 hours!) Deal extreme was very professional supplying them. We calculate that we will save at least 25% on our fuel bill.


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