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220v led bulb

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220v led bulb Customers Reviews

  • One is barely enough for 6 sqm room

    posted by silviumc

    - very low energy consumption- pure white light, not bluish, that's something to appreciate- supposedly long life, ie 10 years (I have to see that)- no dead LEDs after 4 months (but that's not a lot of time)
    It's barely enough for a very small kitchen (6 sq meters). Almost sufficient. But this is subjective, maybe someone else would find it perfectly fine. I used to have a 32 W CFL full-spectrum in there, so I might have high expectations.
    I'm satisfied with it.
  • expected more

    posted by LFESN

    Good build quality.Good factory packaging, the lamp is securely locked in a container.Declared cap lamp E27 corresponds to the Russian standard (easily screw up / down without effort).
    Possible options for the application - the use of auxiliary rooms for jobs that do not require exertion of vision.
    I can not find a suitable room in his house for the use of the tube.For my part I consider this an unnecessary purchase.In the description of the goods, you must specify the spectrum of light emitted from the lamp.Price could be a little less.
  • A prictical LED light

    posted by ilanaed

    Provides a nice, directed light. Color is pretty good. Not real daylight, and not like a real incandescent bulb (naturally), but, still a reasonably pleasant white light. Good for a desk lamp focused on one spot. Very reasonably priced.
    No telling how long the bulb will last, as it is brand new. I intend to keep trying other, similar bulbs, hoping for one that is reasonably priced, but, stronger for my desk lights.
    This bulb is a good indication of how much progress there is in LED lighting today. It is a real, practical, replacement for a wide faced, incandescent, desk light bulb.
  • Very nice light

    posted by Graven

    Very solidly build. Has a nice feel to it! Nice strong light beam produced. Has a great power factor when compared to other LED lights I have tested (this one is arond 90% PF which is excellent) In my testing it didn't get excessively hot.
    While I am awaiting a replacement I haven't been able to study it's internal design. However with a strong light output and great power factor I believe it's designed well internally. If I could find a use for these then I would definately buy more.
  • bulb for the bedside lamp

    posted by radim77

    I bought a lamp to lamp nursery. It has low power consumption and for my purposes it perfect.And the kids are happy to have lit the lamp when they go to sleep, and I also like having children happy, and I like the light bulb has low power consumption.
    To use emergency lights or lamps nursery fits perfectly. Used may be about everywhere that require low power consumption and lower luminance.
    I recommend this product.

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