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20x magnifier Customers Reviews

  • 20X glasses

    posted by focuse24

    Good quality, very usfull for all watch repairs jobs,or any other jobs like electronic, boards examin and repair. The light is very bright and well strong You can adjust it to any face as well.
    Good solution for any one who dealing with watch repairs or delicate electronics or CBs. Worth to pay somme more for this one instead using the ordinery watch repair magnify lens.
    I recomend it for people dealing with delicat repairs.
  • Super magnifying glass for everyday use

    posted by Matko3

    good hand-held, no sharp edges, powerful LED light,real glass, low weight, well enlarge, light switch is turned, plastic is comfortable to hold in hand
    I recommend to buy. Practical magnifier for the elderly, coin collectors, stamps, electronics repair, to nature
    Long in the shops I was looking for plunder. Only that fully meets. I take it as needed everywhere, does not take up much space. I can only recommend.
  • A good buy for a very low price

    posted by Elronno1

    The magnifiers where actualy better then I expected.Led's come with batteries and are ready to use, and are enough to light the work area.Very clear and detailed to work with.The frame, lights and magnifiers are lightweight and you can hardly.
    If you need a pair of magnifiers to observe your goods.....This is it.
    A good buy for the price you pay and I had already a lot of fun with them.If you want to use powertools with it.......don't. You have to be very close to the object you want to observe.
  • Okay Given the price

    posted by mickelodian

    Its okay and also works with my phone which is what I actaully wanted it for. Magnifies perfectly. Light is okay, but I really can't see it being the primary use, unless I take up midnight under the duvet reading. That said for a book or mobile phone its great.
    not a lot of other thoughts
    Arrived in 20 days, I use it regularly enough, its cheap...what more can you say?
  • For amateur use

    posted by kaleidodx

    - Good price point
    - LED light helps under poor lighting, great for on the road use
    - UV light comes in handy
    If you're an amateur trying to spot inclusions in your gemstones, having an idea of what clarity means, then go with it. If you are a professional gemologist, appraiser or grader, go with a professional loupe. It's not design for professional grading purposes.

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