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20w led emitter

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20w led emitter Customers Reviews

  • Very bright, very hot!

    posted by ambientmind

    Very bright output and small form factor (for being 20w!) Runs well off of 18-20v as stated, 800 lumen claim seems to be right on. Fun to say you have an 800 lumen led! Low amperage consumption.
    I built a light around this led, using the metal reflector, a large chunk of aluminum, and a copper heatsink/fan combo designed to cool vga chipsets that moves 6cfm as one large heatsink, but it still runs hot. I'm not sure what the original use intentions were for this led, as it seems to require a massive heatsink. I gave it a 2 on usefulness because of this reason.
    If you like playing around with leds, this one is for you. However if you are going to use it for extended use lighting, this just simply wont work because of the heat isssue.
  • Nice Light

    posted by CraigXC

    These are very nice, bright emitters at a good price - good lumens per dollar. The "cold white" light is a bit bluish, but pleasant - much nicer than "cold white" fluorescent lights.
    Like most LED emitters, the ratings given would be the max - it's overdriving them. Better to run them at well under 1/2 the rated current for long life. Running with 1/3 current, they'll be a little more than 1/3 brightness, the way LEDs work.
    The voltage works out well for 12 volt operation, eg, 12.0 V with .68 or 1 ohm current limiting. With batteries, higher voltage will mean higher value series resistors to get the same currents. (or use constant current supply)
    Safety: Use with frosted diffuser - probably bright enough to damage vision at close range direct.
    I'm using two each for ceiling light fixtures, run from 12 volt DC power adapters. With LED lights like this and Cree XM-LAWT in my house, I'm saving 20-30 $/month on electricity bills.
  • Cheap and extreme bright light!

    posted by Perkelehnet

    The light is incredibly bright! I was shocked when I first plugged in the LED Driver (not included)
    It's big, wich was unexpected, but still good.
    I'm going to use this LED outdoor, outside of my garage. Connected to a motion detector, it'll turn on when I arrive with my car, and light up the area. Perfect, I assume :-D
    I bought the LED Driver (sku.42741) for this item, and it fits perfectly.
    Incredibly bright, I have to say it again..
    Including LED Driver and heatsink, you'll get a BRIGHT LED-light for under 30$!
  • Very Bright/warm color, poor temperature tolerance

    posted by DrBlood

    I do like the LEDs size and colour, it's pretty awesome, and could reccomend it if you baby it and keep it fan cooled to oh, below about 70 maybe.It's very bright and has a nice warm colour temp, slightly pinkish and a little yellow at the edges of the light spill.
    All modern LEDs are rated to over 110degrees C and 'should' be fine operating up to 120+ deg c, with a manageable loss of luminous efficacy, perhaps 20-30 %.I used a very large 'pin fin' heatsink i took off a northbridge on an old motherboard,This heatsink is easily able to handle the heat this LED generated, but i did have a problem with this LED anyway.NOTE - an LEDs rating in Watts is it's total power dissipation, NOT its 'Heat output rating'.So a 20W LED will generate less than 20W of heat.LEDs that have a luminous efficiency of 100lm/watt have a power/lumen efficiency of about 15%, so20W - (0.15x20W) = 17W of energy not used to create light, ie HEAT.This LED isn't quite that good, so it will be about 18W of heat to dissipate.
    It still works, its just ugly and dissapointing, i may return it or reseat the lens with the real adhesive, we'll see.BTW - LED lighting is my profession so i love playing with and testing these things, especially as they cost just pocket money from DX.

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