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20mm led Customers Reviews

  • Good board for many emitters

    posted by Oznog

    It's a standard star outline- not much to say there.
    The part I should emphasize is that it's got some MAJOR copper coverage on top. Not just the tinned area. This is super-important because the insulating layer isn't exactly a superconductor, so spreading laterally brings the thermal resistance way down
    The neat thing here is it's useful for so many emitter types! What DOESN'T fit on this board? And again the whole thing is it's got a lot of top copper to spread with!
    I don't know what the actual thermal resistance is. Sry. A lot depends on the thermal resistance of the insulating layer which I don't have a measure for.
    Good board for just about ANY emitter. Could easily be better than a board specifically made for another emitter too.
  • Would get one again

    posted by thanar

    Bright as the sun, and of a really nice warm white color, no noticeable strange hues.
    This is my first emitter for a DIY project. More specifically, I had an Energizer lantern around that thought it would be better off with a LED lamp. Did not use any driver or additional electronic parts, the lantern is powered by 3x1.5V batteries, could be too much for the emitter if the batteries are new, time will tell.
    I would definitely get a new one if some new batteries toast this baby, since 4.5V is quite more than the rated 3.4V.
  • Sunglasses on

    posted by spikey8

    Single chip so you need only one lens
    Compact so it can replace XR-E
    Massive white light output (4 times XR-E)
    Comes on individual wired star that is thick so seems to be a good heatsink
    Has very low Vf
    It would be much better to let the user decide die configuration so make it individual.
    Much easier to solder pins together than to decouple them using desoldering wick
    didn't try to direct drive it to 18650
    temporarily mounted to a big heatsink
    UI characteristic (one die)
    If (A) Vf (V)
    0.005 2,44
    0.02 2.66
    0.05 2.77
    0.1 2.87
    0.2 3.04
    0.35 3.13
    0.6 3.32
    0.7 3.35
    0.8 3.41
    Great for own DIY projects or flashlight upgrade
  • Cheap and good

    posted by csnostra

    This Cree led is really bright...i mean eye burning bright. The price is good. It is perfect for DIY projects or to replace the old led of flashlight. It is well mounted and soldered on the base which is metal coated on the bottom side of the base to mount it on a heatsink.
    This led is bright useful and at a reasonable price.
  • Nice color

    posted by DaBzzz

    Unit consists of a blue LED and a yellowish conversion lens, making some thinner ~410nm emission line and a much broader band, covering everything from green-yellow to deep red. Overall a very nice color if you want pink ;)
    Fast shipping, came in shielding bag. Lens looks firmly attached and didn't get off when I tried.Besides, the LED starts glowing at 2.3V and reaches rated output power at 3.5V / 0.8A.


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