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20mm led Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and very bright

    posted by imprtvizion

    Great little Cree emitter, its a lot smaller than it looks. The whole base is only about the size of a penny. Not to mention the emitter which is extremely smaller than a grain of rice. Which is really impressive that a little thing like that can light up an entire bedroom. I compared it to my other cree Q5 sku 13974. With this LED there beam is nice and round not much artifacts like my other Q5. This emitter emits a much lighter shade of white then my Q5 XR-E emitter. Build quality is very good, I can't see how it could be made better. Emitter is deal center on the base. If you're thinking about trying to make an XPE emitter this would be a perfect buy. For a little over 5 dollars USD how can you lose for a Q5. DX wrapped the emitter pretty good with bubble wrap. I couldn't even tell what was in there until I undid all the bubble wrap. I currently have this emitter in an a 13 LED husky flashlight body that had blown LEDs a week after I bought it. Right now its all flood and no throw, but it works pretty wells as a flood flashlight. Although that is not my intention for this emitter. Its emitting just fine but, now I need to get a nice reflector for it so, it'll have a good throw beam and a nice acrylic lens, so it doesn't look like a naked DIY flashlight and I'll be all set.
    This Cree emitter is the best emitter I've owned so far, it would make one crazy super flashlight if someone were to put three of them into a full sized flashlight. Or it would make one really bright bike LED. Its got a good amount of light cheaper than XR-E, so just go ahead and buy one and try it out. Just make sure to get this one and not the little round XPE emitter base one. That one is even smaller than this one.
  • Would get one again

    posted by thanar

    Bright as the sun, and of a really nice warm white color, no noticeable strange hues.
    This is my first emitter for a DIY project. More specifically, I had an Energizer lantern around that thought it would be better off with a LED lamp. Did not use any driver or additional electronic parts, the lantern is powered by 3x1.5V batteries, could be too much for the emitter if the batteries are new, time will tell.
    I would definitely get a new one if some new batteries toast this baby, since 4.5V is quite more than the rated 3.4V.
  • Brigh for small size

    posted by CWalters

    This is a very bright source of IR light. If you deal with IR for experimentation, work, etc. this is a good buy. The construction seems very sturdy and will likely handle use in a less than delicate environment. Solder pads are large allowing easy connection for even those with limited soldering skill.
    If you have night security cams, nightvision, etc. this will make a great marker light, local illumination, or with help of a lens can work well as a spot light also.
    Not a bad price for a well build, bright IR light source with a relatively low power drain.
  • I used one to get a higher CRI

    posted by R33E8

    It's Cree, Good quality
    Easy to solder and connect
    I used this with 6 Cree Q5's to get a higher CRI. It worked very well but the high color temperature of the Q5's I used did not help.
    I used 4-40 screws and made plastic washers from a card to screw it onto a heat sink without shorting anything out.
    I'm going to try experimenting with other brands to try to find a brighter red emitter. But I would definitely buy these again.
  • Nice color

    posted by DaBzzz

    Unit consists of a blue LED and a yellowish conversion lens, making some thinner ~410nm emission line and a much broader band, covering everything from green-yellow to deep red. Overall a very nice color if you want pink ;)
    Fast shipping, came in shielding bag. Lens looks firmly attached and didn't get off when I tried.Besides, the LED starts glowing at 2.3V and reaches rated output power at 3.5V / 0.8A.

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