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  • Good But Not Sensitive

    posted by onggie

    Cheap, easy to use and good functions including auto off, the box it came in was plain simple and effective.
    Battery life seems pretty decent.
    For what I needed it for, it did not serve it's purpose. But If you are weigh anything that is over 0.2 grams then this is a pretty good product.
  • Exceeds expectations

    posted by Schefflera

    -Small-Lid covers entire front safely and securely; can be used as a bowl for loose items.-Decent quality vinyl case adds extra level of protection in a bag/drawer.-Very accurate-Bright display, great functions
    Totally worth it, most accurate scale for the cheapest price I've seen.
    Great purchase, highly recommend!
  • Good for the price!

    posted by KaMiHaZe

    Cheap.Small (A little bigger than a Zippo lighter)Accurate (if you know how to use it)Light and portable.
    The main problem with this scale is the start-up phase. For accurate readings, the scale requires around a minute after turning it on for accurate and stable readings. Although this is not a problem unless you don't have time for it. One way to bypass the inaccuracy early after turning it on, is simply to click the power button once and putting your weighable item on the scale. The reading you get after 1-2 seconds is often accurate, but after that, the numbers change.
    Very useful considering the price, and when you get to know it, the start-up time is not really a problem.If you are on a budget and looking for a scale, i would recommend this one.
  • Great Scale

    posted by Mattyf27

    Does exactly what it is meant to, and is very accurate. Build quality is strong and durable.Cheap to buy.
    I have owned this scale for best part of a year and have not experienced a problem with it. Have just purchased a back up as at this price why not. This is a great scale.
    Would recommend to anyone, never had a problem with this scale and don't expect to from the build quality.
  • Good utility scale for small things

    posted by SirDeath

    Scale has generally good build quality. It has a built-in flip-top cover and backlight for LCD display.
    Not a bad little scale for the price, but the higher you go, it tends to be off. (180g can be off by as much as 20%)
    Not bad for a quick number but I still love my old-fashioned 3-arm balance for really accurate measuring and for trade in precious metals in quantities over 100g.

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