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20 plug Customers Reviews

  • Poorly made

    posted by comicbookguy

    InexpensiveAll the same size
    This design are normally good plugs for plugging wires and devices into appropriate outlets like speakers and power supplies. The idea is you can plug another device into the plug occupying the socket, and duplicate the power output or whatever. In this case the hole is way too small to fit additional plugs into the hole, making it suitable for only one plug to be connected at a time.
    Does not really provide the function promised in this design, only really useful as a single connector. There are many single-use plugs to choose from, this one does not provide any benefit over those.
  • Love these plug and plays

    posted by 13557

    I ordered a set of these and I feel good. I love these little connectors. I have used them in many electrical circuits even connecting battery holder with them for easy plug and play method. I have found that these make everything more simple now.
    Order female 2.1mm counterparts also for full connection capabilities.
    Easy to solder and use I'm thrilled about these and will order more of these when needed super cheap and always arrives with china post. Thanks.
  • 2.5mmX 5.5mm DC power plugs for the Electronic hobbyist

    posted by organdonor4u

    Very well made and inexpensive. No soldering required with screw terminal to attach wire to power plug.
    If you are into making custom DC power supply's to power equipment which you lost the original transformer...then these plugs make creating a suitable replacement quick and easy as long as you match power requirements of electronic device....
    Well made... would purchase again if I ever run out of connectors...
  • Great connection although a little shorter than the standard.

    posted by KarlH

    Cheap male Molex style connector.Pins are molded into the plastic housing making the connector more stable and stronger than standard Molex connectors.Similar connectors cost between $0.50 and $1.00 locally, so cheaper than any alternative.
    A good, cheap substitute for connecting various components.DX (at this time) doesn't stock female sockets to mate with this, it would be useful to be able to get the paired connection.
    Cheap, strong, easy to wire but not a perfect match for the standard.
  • Good for the price

    posted by Fenki

    Locally I can get this connector too with a little better quality and same price (same price for ONE connector as I get the 10-pack here!!). So even if I would 5 of the connectors, it would still be a good one.
    AS far as I know, this kind of connector is rated for up to 40 amps of current. Until now I also had no problems using them for over 50 amps.


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