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20 connector Customers Reviews

  • Cheap USB connectors

    posted by GeeJiiZet

    Quite cheap with only about 0.12 USD a piece, but they work fine and can be soldered to any standard dot matrix prototyping circuit boards.
    There are no markings which pin is which (VCC, D+, D-, GND), so make sure to double check the pin layout from external resources.
    These are the standard female USB 2.0 sockets you see on computers. If you need to replace one or need some in your DIY projects, these are cheap and suitable for that. I can't vouch for their durability, though.
  • Good connectors for a very good price

    posted by SleepyEng

    - The connectors feel solid in the hand- A bit of plastic tube inside the connector is provided in order to prevent the spring from short-circuiting the contacts to the housing- The finish, to me at least, looks very nice- At about 50 cents each, these are a great value
    Locally I see plastic connectors in shops for $2.50-3.50 each so this is much, much cheaper if you are willing to wait for shipping
    As good as you'll see in most shops and for an excellent price. 20 is a bit much though, but at least you won't have to buy them again for a while...
  • You wanna create pro-style boards? Use these!

    posted by AlphageekYVR

    What can you say about these? The gold plating is solid, the finish on the plastic molding is excellent and they do just what you need at an unbeatable price. For $7.60 these are an absolute must have. I have tons of surplus ribbon cables with headers and these were the missing link for creating professional-level interfaces between boards. I used to scavenge these by desoldering but I'll never do that again! Thank you DX!
    mmm.... Why is this field required?? Buy 'em!
    This is the sort of item you must have in your parts inventory if you make any kind of boards that need to interface (along with straight headers). Buy it.
  • Wow 20 for just 6.50? AMAZING!

    posted by Maverik0106

    Great amazing price!Great quality!I received it extremely fast!
    I'm using these to make electronic projects interact with my phone. Having to buy 20 for only 6.50 is an amazing deal, which allows me to use different plugs for different projects and not have to dis assemble my other projects to make new ones!
    Buy these regardless of whether they come with a product sheet or not, there's plenty of information on the internet, or you can do your own tests and post the results.
  • Practical and simple to use

    posted by ubiratamuniz

    These things are really practical, it´s the best way to make a "T" connecton between wires. No more peeling cables, no more mess. It doesn´t expose the wire so much, so if you remove the connector and the extra wire, you save on insulation tape. And better yet, they are fully reusable. All you need is wires to connect and some pliers to press the connector and your´re done.
    There could be larger packs of these things.
    If you are into DIY for electrical installations (specially on your car or motorbike), these things are just plain practical.


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