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20 car Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by mauro763

    Fits perfectly in the T10 socket, good price to quality ratio, more light compared to other multi-led T10 bulbs and keeping the size of a standard incandescent bulb, not much heat is emmited by the led. very easy to put in, it feels very solid. I'm very pleased with the product.
    It will be the perfect T10 led bulb if they were a little bit cheaper, under 3 dollars will be nice :)
    Good product, perfect size, so much light compared to other led bulbs.
  • Usefull pack of connectors

    posted by nejcek74

    Work as intended. Good enough workmanship. Individual connectors looks alike, colors and plastic without many errors. On a quick glance it doesn't seems any part missing.
    I prefer to have some of this around all the time. It is one of the simplest way to connect wires and you don't need any special tools. Quick and clean.
    If you need just a small batch of connectors this is the right package for you.
  • Great Bulbs

    posted by jaywong87

    Bulbs are Bright, and because there are only 2 LEDs the bulbs have enough constant power that they do not go Yellow. Build quality is much better than alot of the other bulbs available. fitment is great
    i would chose these bulbs over many of the other types. because they do not draw as much power as the 12xLED bulbs which tend to cause the bulbs to show yellow sometimes
    I WOULD BUY THEM! they are great, better build quality than many of the other options, and they are very bright, more white than alot of the other options too. i've tried one of the 12xLED bulbs which were yellowish. this was not yellow at all
  • Good Price for warm light

    posted by SuperS

    - Easy to use kit with 3 adapters to fit most applications (most others do not have the BA9S adapter)- Light colour is warm; not at all the cool/blue white that some LEDs have- Double sided tape/foam assembly will adhere to most surfaces.- good quality soldering of LEDs
    - LED assembly is NOT 3.6W; it uses 0.106A @ 12V (~1.27W)- See 101374 for similar LED (slightly warmer colour but about the same brightness)
    - Descent assembly with everything you need to light a small area (car interior)
  • Good device.

    posted by bg1199

    The small size is well suited to replace regular light bulbs T10 in the car. The small size allows the use of the LED in place of any lamp T10 in your car.
    Useful for lighting a glove box, under foot space. Also, the LED can be used for lighting mirrors in the sun visor.
    The small size allows the use of the LED in place of any lamp T10 in your car. You can not fear that it will not fit or will be in something abut. It is not suitable for lighting large areas. But for small areas fit very well.

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