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  • That is what i need

    posted by jimakosb

    verry very good product. That is really what i needed. I put it in my Honda brake ligths and change the look of my tail.Very bright and good quality.
    I think soon to replace all my bubles with leds bubles. Better looking and more safetly. Also I recommend to my friends to do the same.
    Buy this products, and you will be very satisfied whit it.
  • Very good.

    posted by drewcrosby

    Very bright for their size.Cool color temperature without being blue.Lower power consumption/lumen ratio compared to incandescent bulbs that they replaced.All the individual LEDs are working; No dim/bad units.
    Before ordering these, it's a good idea to measure how deep the light fixture is that these will be going in. They're a little longer than standard 194/W5W/T10 light bulbs. And it's a good idea to put a little dielectric grease on the contacts before installing, just in case any rain water leaks into the fixture.
    These went into the cargo light fixture of my pickup truck. They light up the bed nicely. Recommended.
  • Great Bulbs

    posted by jaywong87

    Bulbs are Bright, and because there are only 2 LEDs the bulbs have enough constant power that they do not go Yellow. Build quality is much better than alot of the other bulbs available. fitment is great
    i would chose these bulbs over many of the other types. because they do not draw as much power as the 12xLED bulbs which tend to cause the bulbs to show yellow sometimes
    I WOULD BUY THEM! they are great, better build quality than many of the other options, and they are very bright, more white than alot of the other options too. i've tried one of the 12xLED bulbs which were yellowish. this was not yellow at all
  • Actinic Replacement...

    posted by wampyz

    - good narrow-band actinic replacement for aquarium lighting...- don't have to worry about heat management as multiple smd modules run at lower current so less heat is generated...
    used these cob panels to retrofit my aquarium lighting hood after all the tubes finally burned out... recommend using at least one cob panel for every 10 gallons if you'd like more even lighting... I have a standard 20 gallon tank and this only illuminates about half the tank... ordered a second one to balance the actinic lighting in my tank...
    retrofitting an aquarium hood to LED is worth it...
  • Great lights!

    posted by trimble4975

    I used these in my travel trailer. They mimc the normal incandescent bulbs almost perfectly. Maybe a bit of a cooler colour but very close. They consume a fraction of the electricity which is helpful when on battery power. They also produce no heat which is great for summer camping.
    Multiple adapters are nice. A tiny bit finicky to get installed but that is not the bulbs problem thats mine!
    Buy these. LED trailer bulbs are about $30 more in Canada.


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