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20 battery Customers Reviews

  • Low quality batteries

    posted by rovni

    Cheap, good manufacturing, hermetically packed
    The 20 pack means, that you get 20 AAA batteries packed by two. So you get 10 "sheets" each containing 2 of them.When I opened one "sheet" and I used them together, then one of them run out of its charge very fast while the other still kept its 1.5V. I don't know what is about with the others, but in this case it was expensive.It is better to buy a rechargeable one. However, the rechargeables have only 1.2 or maximum 1.3V charge as I realised on the net.
    I do not recommend.
  • Great

    posted by JasonSi

    Packaging keeps the batteries separate and thus will not come in contact with other batteries. REALLY cheap (Great only if you don't need 50 of them - See Other Thoughts)
    There is a deal that sells 50 batteries for around $1 more, but they are not in a package and some may come dead or whatnot. But that deal is generally a better deal. So if you need 50 batteries instead of 20, and you don't mind taking a chance, go to that deal instead.
    20 batteries, packaged. It is great to be able to buy these for so cheap.
  • Pleasant Surprise

    posted by Mobile777

    - CR2016 Batteries
    - All came fresh and fully charged
    - Received 25 batteries instead of 20
    - Packaging remained intact!
    - After reading all reviews I wasn't sure if it's wise to get them.
    - DX put a carton on top of the package which was helpful.
    - It might have something to do with sku.25 that came in the same package, keeping the package closed tight.
    Get these with other products in the same order to help batteries stay in their place.
    This is a good buy.
  • good replacement value

    posted by pbarlow55

    replaced my car remote battery no problem
    better packing would help
    good value if you just need to replace a few of these a year
  • Gooooood!!!

    posted by xquisitevex

    + 20 pieces!
    + Cheapest i've ever seen around!
    + Fast shipping!
    These are really nice to have around the house. It serves its battery purpose, and they all seem to be charged and last quite a while. Currently I am have two items that each use 1 of these batteries. I have used 2 batteries and it has been about a month, and my two items still work just fine!
    Get these if you need them, and get a bunch because they are a good deal!

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