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2.5mm walkie talkie

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2.5mm walkie talkie Customers Reviews

  • Nice for handling

    posted by yoymolk

    Need to move rubber undr the button.
    This microphone is very useful in paragliding sport. You can put the walkie talkie to back pocket in your harnes and put the micrphone to helmet. Crocodile is strong enough to hang microphone to belt of helmet. When fly you can talk without disturb, beacuse vind not blow through walkie talkie microphone.
    Good thing fot that money. Clear voice and smooth button
  • Great for the price

    posted by bkrakowsky

    The biggest pro is the price. I work in film and the cheapest I've been able to find similar headsets locally is $40. The $40 are more comfortable, but the clarity is about the same, and the $40 are about the same build quality too, since they didn't last me more than a few shows.
    If you are going to be using an earpiece every day for 13 hours a day, I'd get something a little more comfortable that's molded to your ear. For the occasional PA, or day call film worker, or anyone using these for 5 hours at a time or so, these are perfectly fine.
    A great bargain for the price.
  • Air tube headset

    posted by ilantop

    It all started with an article that recommended of using air tube headset to avoid cellphone radiation. I have found very expensive solutions and then I came across this product which is away too cheap and works the same. The sound is like a normal headset. The silicon piece might not be the most comfortable thing to insert the ear but it is not so bad. I use it in my Nokia phone. Since the headset pin in 2.5 mm jack I use It together with sku 26998.
    There are no instructions about how to mount all the parts but it is pretty much straight forward. It is not clear which pin supposes to connect to headset jack but I found out that it was the 2.5 mm.
    It was hard to find this product thought DX search engine, however if you read this post you probably have found it and this comment will not help you.
  • Okay, very good.

    posted by rnd1rgtqobrwo

    I liked the unit, the wires have a good resistance, are not too thin bridge to break easily.The light indicates that the transmission is useful to know that if it is broadcasting.The earpiece volume is very clear and perfect sound.The mic clip is very sturdy and holds up well clothes, having no concern that he'll loosen up.
    Indico product as I was very satisfied with the result he's providing, so I'll buy two more units.The price is good, and mostly free shipping to Brazil, helps a lot to buy the DX.
    Now there's a good opportunity to acquire a good unit for a good price.
  • Good walkie talkie earphone

    posted by Nomad18

    Good quality and sound... The size of the cable is big so you won't have problem with this!! Easy to use and works good in many devices with the same shape!!
    I got it 4 months ago and still as if a new one... i think i did a great deal with this earphone!!
    The black color makes it really discrete if you're using black suits like bodyguards and others...
    If you want to but it... do it and you wont regret your purchase!!!


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