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2.5mm to 3.5mm

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2.5mm to 3.5mm Customers Reviews

  • Good quality small thing

    posted by 25080205

    It's look shiny and works as expected. Very small size. Simple and reliable thing. Look like jewelry - silver and gold mirroring surfaces, fine quality.
    It's so small that I barely find it in the envelope. And so small that I lost it after couple weeks of use.
    Good small thing, do all that is it's purpose. Shiny white and gold metal surface, no brand nor logo - can be used in all suitable devices.
  • It works fine

    posted by Humraaz786

    Works well with old hands-free equipment. The headphone and mic connections work perfectly. Tried it on an iPad mini and a Samsung Galaxy S4 with an old hands-free equipment from Palm.
    The description of the product is accurate. Although, if the hang-off/hang-on button of the hands-free equipment had worked, it would have been great.
    On the whole, it fulfils it's purpose. I can use it with an old hands-free equipment, although to hang-off / hang-on the call, I have to do it on the phone itself.
  • Works but introduces some static

    posted by skocko76

    -Cheap-Handy-Well built-It can help you reuse some of your 2.5mm headphones.-Converts from 2.5mm to 3.5mm
    It is not completely clear from the description, so I'll put it here:The female side is 2.5mm, the male side is 3.5mm.In other words, makes your 2.5mm headphones plug into a 3.5mm audio socket hole.
    It is a quite good quality and a handy product.If you need it, there is little reason not to get it.
  • Cheap and strong adapter!!!

    posted by careuncle

    Unlike the usual, where very cheap adapters have very delicate cable or connectors that make intermittent contact, in this case the adapter is perfect from the sound point of view and also for the resistance (the cable having a small diameter is not suitable to be ripped off, of course).
    I used it in my phone, and on my walkie talkie and they souds as great as from original (broken) earphones.Of course I gave my opinion on an adapter that costs less than $ 1 ... if it cost more than $ 5, in that case I'd have some cons to emphasize
    Very good!!!.
  • Nice cable, Does what it's made for

    posted by roshga

    Well, it's a cable. as long as it works its good enough for me.
    the shape of it is really cool, when I need it to be longer it just stretches and then when im done using it, back to being compact.
    Nice solution for my car. Saves room and does what a cable suppose to do.
    I'd buy it again.

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