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  • Great jack converter

    posted by markk77

    -It works! Able to convert an old 2.5mm Nokia earphones to my new 3.5mm jack smartphone-No smell of motor oil, as some others have suggested-Seems very strong and sturdy-Great build quality, no foreseen line of welding-No scratches, on the 2.5mm female or 3.5mm male-I haven't noticed any significant decrease in volume. On full volume on a smartphone with earphones connected through the converter, I can hear it from 3 metres away.
    Not much else to say. Except if you're having problems with putting in the jack on the 2.5mm female end, make sure to push it straight in with a little bit of force. Don't be woried about breaking it, it's strong enough to handle it.
    What? I can't hear you, I'm listening to music on my earphones. Oh, bottomline on the "3.5mm Male to 2.5mm Female Convertor"? It's Great! You should buy one, or maybe even two! Now ssshhhhh, I'm going to listen to crisp clean quality music thanks to this product!
  • Stereo apadaptor

    posted by ilantop

    Short cable for cheap price with a good quality. It allows you to connect 2.5 mm headset connector with devices with 3.5 mm female plug. The cable works good. It comes in a small plastic bag. I bought this cable to connect sku 109960 to my Nokia cellphone. Both products work fine with no problems. Connectors on both sides have good quality. The cable itself is flexible andgood too. Easy to use product.
    None. Good choicve in case you need an adapter with these specification.
    In case that you need a stereo adaptor from 2.5 female to 3.5 male and you do not want to have it in one big piece this short and flexible cable is the solution and for a good price. I use it everyday with no problems.
  • Great buy, very useful!

    posted by jethrotaylor

    These earpieces are light and easy to use, and plug in to my Kenwood radios with no adapters needed. The wires are long enough to run under a coat if need be, and the coil cord for the earphone is a nice touch. The mic lights up when PTT is pressed.
    Buy these for your whole crew. They will appreciate the fact they no longer have to pull their radios out of their pockets or off their belts to communicate with each other!
    This headset/mic makes you look cool, like a SWAT officer or Navy SEAL, or even SAS.
  • Great product for the price.

    posted by 01viper27

    It took me over 2 weeks to looks for the rigt cable with the right tips. If I had known this then I would have saved all that time. Buying these eliminates the problem of looking for that specific cable with the right length and tip that is hard to find. You just simply use the same cord and change the tip for the application you need it for.
    There no cons on this product - only positive thoughts.
    Good product and price, its good to have a few spares for those unforseen situations.
  • Good deal, nice quality

    posted by kooly

    The Parcel arrived fairly quick with China Post registered. The package was ok. The KMC-21 works good. Good modulation on the speaker, the microphone is very sensitive. The build quality is good. It`s slim and lightweight.
    there are a lot of different versions of the KMC-21. It claims, it comes from Taiwan. It has two stereo jacks. the original Kenwood had 1 stereo, one mono jack. But it works.
    Good price, good quality, good value.Recommended!

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