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2.5 sata usb

You will be surprised our best 2.5 sata usb with an artful design and an amazing price. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. View more by looking at cable sata usb, sata usb enclosure. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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2.5 sata usb Customers Reviews

  • Usefull little tool, great for the price

    posted by mickey21

    Very useful tool, cheap price, good packaging. Power connectors look very sturdy and durable,as well as the power adapter.
    I became aware of the usefulness of this toll just recently when I had to salvage data from an old computer and diagnose bad hard drive.Connected laptop working on battery and plugged this little thing to it, and saved me so much time. Wish I had it years ago,it would have saved me from many hour of frustration.
    For this price, you can't be wrong with the purchase. One of the best tools I purchased in recent time.
  • Not USB 3.0

    posted by littlegiant

    Build quality is good. Easy to install. Aluminium casing is good for heat dissipation.Really cheap.
    Edges of the casing is sharp. I smoothened the edges slightly with a fine sand paper.
    You buy this HDD external case for the build quality but don't expect blazing HDD performance out of it. This is only slightly faster than most USB2.0 HDD enclosure.
  • compact, easy to use

    posted by sandud

    Very well product, compact, easy to handle (no screws). i use with 160 gb HDD, try it on 5 different PC's, laptops and "seen" imediately. Quality/look/price is very good for this product. Useful portable device
    Quality/look/price is very good for this product.
    Useful portable device
  • Great cradle!

    posted by AndyR89

    Simple to use and install drives. No software needed, just plugs in and away you go. Good quality materials used.
    It doesnt get much easier to use than this device. Gives flexibility of hot-swap drives, and portability if needed too. Good quality materials, and definitely value for money in my opinion.
    If you need the features of a hot swap cradle AND a portable case for SATA drives, you cant go wrong with this one.
  • It takes a 2.5" disk and works

    posted by DonaldM

    It's not expensive at all. It works, it takes the now less common parallel ATA drives. If your drive is larger than around 200GB then this probably isn't for you.Even without using the case it is a handy way of attaching a 2.5" PATA drive to USB.Construction is adequate and it gets the job done for very little money. You could easily pay 8x as much for the same thing round here.
    Decent quality, does the job just fine.
    Well worth the money, just be aware that most drives of 200GB or larger are not going to work with this, they are all Serial ATA (SATA)

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