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2.5 sata ssd

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2.5 sata ssd Customers Reviews

  • Its Great!

    posted by fjmazur

    It's cheap and fast enough, i'm using for boot drive on a Media PC, Windows XP boot time is about 20 secs.
    Its fine to replace notebook/netbook hdds too. It comed on a nice protected package. Noiseless (of course).
    Please look at the HD tune pro Benchmark image that i maked (look for the other drives results for comparision)
    Will buy 2 more to make Raid 0 for my main computer, i hope that will increase performance of Windows (will keep normal hdd drives for files storage)
  • Good cheap SOHO storage solution, excelent cost/benefit ratio

    posted by jonerworm

    Good quality case, mostly alluminium, good paint, easy to assemble, standard phillips screws, all necessary material included (screws, cables), standard unique molex power connector, silent fan, optimal space usage, no software needed.
    Official logos and brands are graphics that cause confusion between Olmaster (with an "L"), and Oimaster (with an "I", which is the correct spelling).
    Space efficient, cheap, holds up a lot of space for a 5.25" CD/DVD drive space
  • Marvellous

    posted by alehawk

    Excellent drive!I changed my old laptops HD with this one and the performace changed a lot.Battery life improvedExcellent build quality
    My laptop if 5 years old running with linux and doesnt has SATA3. I replaced the old one with this one and the boot time changed from 30 seconds to 3!WIth a SATA 3 capable laptop would be instantanely also my battery life improved a lot
    Buy it, you wont regret it even if it take a month to arrive!
  • KingSpec 2.5" SATA II MLC-NAND Flash SSD/Solid

    posted by galp30

    The disk is a device worthy of attention. It is really very fast and access time to data on disk does not exceed 0.3 ms. The system starts within 15-20 seconds. Transfer of data when reading a 170 MB / sec. a record of 110 MB / sec. I recommend this product due to super price for quality.
    I have no comment.
    I have no comment.
  • Good Product - Nice Buy

    posted by nikolastsr

    The product is made of decent materials - build quality. I bought it to replace my laptop DVD which I rarely used and is an excellent fit.I tried an SSD and a standard HDD and both worked perfectly. It has all the necessary holes to secure it to your laptop as well as to accept the "face" of the old DVD so there is no "hole" left in the side of the laptop.
    Since it can be used to host an ssd and replace a dvd drive i believe it can be used an a battery saver. But since my laptop battery is almost dead I can't confirm that. Maybe the price could be a little lower, this is a very simple construction after all, but on the other hand it's one of the lowest prices you can find on the net for a product like this.
    Definitely Excellent Buy.A already recommended to a friend of mine.

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