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2.5 sata hdd caddy

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2.5 sata hdd caddy Customers Reviews

  • Makes what promisses

    posted by PIPBoy3000

    With this case, you can put another HDD on your notebook. An excellent choice for whose that w'd like to install a primary SSD disk for operaing system and a second drive as a storage.Considering that notebook normaly don't have more than one standard SATA connector, there`s a great idea to replace the DVD drive by this case.
    A great alternative to install more than one HDD or SSD on a notebook.
  • Great! MacBook Pro approved

    posted by GabrielKnight

    - Really simple to assamble- slim design allow to fit on MacBook Pro perfectly- very sturdy- comes with the screws to place the HD binded to it
    - the spacer don´t matter that much, since the screws make the HD very firmly attached- perfect for SSD upgrade.- whatch out for cables and screws, look for videos of how to dissassemble on youtube. Don´t break you computer because you was lazy and didn´t want to watch a 10 min video...- if you are not sure how to do it, take it to a specialized person.
    nowadays, DVD drives has so little use, that i´m pretty sure that I ratter carry it on USB drive than all the times in my notebook. It's a great upgrade!
  • perfect ! great !

    posted by semir

    color looks identically like DVD-R drive of my D620, works perfectly, absolutely without problems. easy to install, easy to use, transmission rate is also very good (32MB/sec from internal HDD)
    maybe the DVD-RR cover of this caddy could be not DVD-RW, but it's not important.
    very, very userful product, I totally recommend it to every Latitude D620 user as DVD-RW drive has absolutely no use, it's year 2012 and we have huuuuge USB pendrives ;-)
  • Well build!

    posted by matukaz

    It's amazingly nice and good looking product. I only had to measure my laptop cd-rom box size and look up if it was almost the same as caddy and it was! After i recieved it i tried it out and it worked! So now i can have a HDD and SSD in my laptop. One thing i could not get to work was booting from caddy, yet.
    Worked for Dell Vostro 1015.
  • Not Compatible with E6520

    posted by thelleha

    Can't tell if it is good, when it is incompatible with my computer.
    Probably possible to use if I remove the lock-latch, but then will be difficult to remove it when I want to use a CD/DVD.The front cover is also different from the E6520 series.
    I would rather just post a comment, because I can't make a review when it is incompatible with my computer.

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