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2.5 lcd Customers Reviews

  • Good instrument at a good price

    posted by ebpDoug

    - good build quality- performs well
    The overall build quality is very good. There is a bit of very minor mottling of the case surface. The circuit board is very good, with a mix of surface mount and through-hole components. The surface mount soldering is first-rate. The through-hole components have been hand soldered. The flux from the hand soldering remains on the PCB, but it is clear and colorless, and should be of no concern.It is easy to get a good reading at half a metre or more.The switch must be held while reading, but the switch can be accidently pressed while the meter is in the case.It would be nice if there was threaded socket for tripod mounting. It is hard to watch the positioning of the laser and the display at the same time.The very tall, narrow digits are neither easier nor harder to read than much shorter digits would be - just a little odd.The memory function shows at time TEST button released, and the highest and lowest values from the most recent reading. The values are stepped through as the MEM
    a nice insturment at a good price
  • Great instrument for any laboratory

    posted by poleshark

    It's works! Exactly as it should. Very precise measurement, which I can't meet for this money. Real cost of the same device (OK, not same - just added case with 9V battery!) is more than 200$.The LC-meter consume just 20 mA from 5V source.
    Get it, take any suitable case, complete with sku174049 (or some similar device) - and you have nice RL-meter, quick, precise, with on-battery time > 100 h.
    Buy it, if you are immersed in DIY electronics - good meter for funny money
  • Excellent Camera for RC Heli/Cars

    posted by DragonPhyre

    + The camera is a little bigger than a tube of chapstick. A little longer too.
    ++ METAL casing! no plastic to get brittle and break in the cold air!
    ++ Internal Battery! No more battery hanging off of the camera to disconnect during flight.
    + Comes with free mounting hardware!
    + Screen is very bright and easy to read even in sunlight.
    + Accepts 4GB SD Cards easily.
    + Battery last quite a long time, and it can be recharged easily and quickly.
    I think that this device will work a lot better with an external antenna--which I am going to try and solder in. The camera says 100Meters which is 300' and mine would start to act weird after 50' with anything in the way. Flat ground with no obstructions and it would stop working after 100' but only if we positioned the camera in the proper way. I think a proper antenna on both camera and receiver and you could easily get out past the 100' mark.
    This camera is GREAT to get started with. Small, compact, and cheap! I am planning on putting an external WiFi antenna on the receiver to see if that helps with the range/signal. Get this if you are thinking about getting a wireless camera. If anything, it works good to keep an eye on the kids.
  • very good product, worth the money

    posted by RavidSegal

    just what novice need for home use. with accurate Temperature meter, automatic backlight, coming with battery.the size of the nombers is very good
    very good product, very good and basic use. it worth the money
    Excellent buy. if you looking for something that is basic and not expensive, very recommended I have had some pictures of the product, good range for electric testsThe product is very good quality.
  • Excellent value for money

    posted by GlagolevMK

    The image quality is excellent at daytime and satisfactory at night.The device starts automatically after the power becomes available in the socket, and shuts down after the power is cut off.With the screen folded it doesn't obstruct the view much.
    Bought this DVR for $62 more than a year ago, have since driven 10000 km with it. Do not regret the purchase so far.
    Recommend this model to everyone.

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