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2.5 ide drive

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2.5 ide drive Customers Reviews

  • It works, works, works

    posted by vagservice

    It's small, it works very well, it's got a built in LED status light. The price is cheaper than I could find anywhere for something like this
    Some people wonder why you would use this. Most laptops, where you typically find 44pin 2.5" drives, don't usually have room for these adapters. The true use, though, is in embedded systems that utilize these drives. If you need one you know that though.
  • Good handy Toshiba IDE mini adaptor

    posted by Gigeon

    This unit is a compact very simple to use low cost adapter for old IDE 1.8 inch and 2.5 inch (Toshiba) hard drive. It can saves the cost of going to a Lab or technician to access to your old laptop hard drive or music iPOD hard drive if it was broken and you want to save its data. I have used it few times and it saves me lots of time and cost. Has also a led to indicate the operation.
    May mark the first pin on the 2.5inch side.
    Good cost effective unit for backup old IDE small size hard drive.
  • USB 2.0 to 2.5" / 3.5" SATA IDE Hard Drive Adapter Cable

    posted by master64nl

    Simple tool for HD to connect via USB.Power supply is included and also the sata cable with the power cable for dataAutomatic installs every time the correct driver for the disk you connect.CD for people whom using Windows-98 :)
    Nothing cumming up in my mind.
    Nice tool for a good price. I recommend it for all whom are hobbying with disks and repair them.
  • Does what it says on the tin

    posted by tuomashamalain

    Installing the hard drive to the chassis was a snap and the IDE-SATA interface works very reliably. Very affordable price must also be considered a pro.
    There isn't much to say about a device this simple. However, I saved a lot of money compared to some other solutions on the market.
    If you're in the market for a hard drive chassis that fits in place of your IDE optical drive, this is highly recommended. Even with the issue mentioned, the usability value is far higher than the money it costs.
  • Excellent product for price.

    posted by cflee

    This product came exactly as the photo describes - a male 2.5" IDE connector (incl. both data and power) to female SATA data and power ports.The price is really good for a relatively low demand product.
    This product is great for replacing an 2.5" IDE drive in a device (DVR, computer...) with another 2.5" SATA drive or optionally with a 3.5" SATA drive, but the latter may require some SATA data and power cables as you might not have the space on the original position for the larger drive.
    This is value for money, and one of the more useful and cheap deals on DX. If this is what you need, you can't go wrong picking the DX edition!

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