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2.5 ide drive

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2.5 ide drive Customers Reviews

  • Great way to reuse old hardware

    posted by cdm42

    Rather cheap way to reuse an old hard drive from a music player inside a laptop or other device where less generated heat and less power consumption are worth more than speed. I managed to install an old Toshiba MK2004GAL drive into a Dell D810 laptop.
    Ideally, the board should be about 2 millimeters shorter in order for it to fit snugly in a 2.5" bay together with the Toshiba MK2004GAL (no idea about other drives).
    Nice cheap way to reuse old hardware. Determining the alignment hole/pin isn't too hard, but it would be nice if the pin was already clipped at the factory.
  • Makes what promisses

    posted by PIPBoy3000

    With this case, you can put another HDD on your notebook. An excellent choice for whose that w'd like to install a primary SSD disk for operaing system and a second drive as a storage.Considering that notebook normaly don't have more than one standard SATA connector, there`s a great idea to replace the DVD drive by this case.
    A great alternative to install more than one HDD or SSD on a notebook.
  • My item has the pin lay-out the other way around.

    posted by tiemelijn

    Very tiny
    Good build quality
    Very fast shipping (first time this fast)
    I always buy such specific items from DX, so im a bit disappointed that its not exactly what i needed.
    Although this is a very nice product at a reasonable price, the pictures do not correspond with the actual item, the ide pinout is the other way around. As the use of this item is mostly in tiny htpcs, it's important that the item looks exactly like it is when you receive it.
  • It works, works, works

    posted by vagservice

    It's small, it works very well, it's got a built in LED status light. The price is cheaper than I could find anywhere for something like this
    Some people wonder why you would use this. Most laptops, where you typically find 44pin 2.5" drives, don't usually have room for these adapters. The true use, though, is in embedded systems that utilize these drives. If you need one you know that though.
  • GREAT! if you can figure it out.

    posted by ruggb

    Covers all std drives today.Plug and play on my W7 system.Instructions for loading drivers, which are only necessary on pre XP systems.
    connection instructions;The device itself is powered from the USB port. The power connector, which is not shown attached to the SATA/IDE power adapter cable in the picture, will supply power to a 2.5" drive. There is no need for the PS unit if the drive will run on the USB power. Some will not.The adapter plugged into the PS is necessary for a 3.5" SATA drive. In that case, there could be an issue with two supplies connected if you plug the DC lead into the yellow input. I haven't verified this, but you don't need to plug it in when using the PS.A 3.5" IDE is powered directly from the lead to the PS, no adapter. So, Yes, it does power IDE drives.
    It does the job I bought it for.


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