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2.5 external sata Customers Reviews

  • Good product. Good price !

    posted by sbtracky

    - relatively cheap product (it costs a half price of usual stores here in Brazil)- the product comes with a mini phillips screwdriver - comes with a reliable USB cable with connection to use a second USB port do feed hard drives which demands more than 500mA from power source- comes with a well-ended case
    It's a good product. Worth a buy.
    If you need to access data on a notebook hard drive this product is all you need. It easily connect a SATA hard disk drive made for notebooks to a standard USB port. Works on Windows and MacOSX
  • Um bonito disco rigido SATA externo.

    posted by MaxFox

    A beautiful Sata external hard drive with 320GB capacity ideal for backups and copies of files, movies and songs. His speed is very good and its use is very easy. Ideal to take along with Notebook.
    I recommend buying a good case to guard it to carry. So you'll be safer from falls or other misfortune that might damage it. It is one of the best products ever bought here in DX
    I recommend purchasing this hard drive and all my friends.
  • convenient thing

    posted by Alixey

    very handy thing for someone who is engaged in repair and diagnostic laptops. easily opened by clicks. latches are strong and reliable. prevent accidental opening of the case for the hard drive.
    pleasant side cover parts storage enclosures made ??of soft-touch material. does not slip out of the hands and soft touch.
    I recommend the purchase. convenient because Mauger connect as the ideal drive and sata.
  • Very good

    posted by mgrodrigues

    Very good device. It worked without any problem, the HD fit in the HDD Enclosure, the LEDs worked properly, it has a great build quality. The material is very good, it isn't weak and the cover closes properly.
    I recommend this device. It is really a very good one and great for those who want to take their HD for every where. I didn't find any problems while using it and i already have this Enclosure for 6 months.
  • Excelent cost-benefit!!!

    posted by ubiratamuniz

    - Price. I got this 2.5" 500GB SATA HD plus an enclosure for less than half the price I would pay only on the hard drive (no enclosure) here in Brazil.- Finishing. The damn thing is beautiful. Chrome on back and black piano on front. Not that it matters this much on a hardware piece, but it sure looks fine and matches the equipment I bought this for (a DVD player with USB ports) perfectly.- Dual USB cable (one for power) necessary on USB 1.1 connections (no power), but works just fine with only one plug on USB 2.0 systems- Pre-formatted on NTFS- Comes with pouch for scratch protection when transporting
    I bought this to plug on my LG DV4S2H "Black Eye" DVD player. My intention is to load this thing with XviD movies and TV shows to watch on TV. The DVD Player has only one USB port, I was afraid that it wouldn't work because of power issues, but the DVD player's USB port is 2.0, so I didn't needed an extra power adapter. on my PC I needed to plug both USBs.To use on my DVD Player, I needed to reformat this to FAT32, there's a Hewlett-Packard free utility that does this (WinXP, WinVista and Win7 do not offer the option to format such a large drive on FAT32, only exFAt or NTFS which are not compatible with other electronic appliances). You can find that utility on the web.
    Man, I plan to buy two more of these. One of them I will take apart just to get the hard drive for my netbook. Other will be used as a backup drive. This was really a pleasant surprise.


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