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2.5 3.5 hdd

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2.5 3.5 hdd Customers Reviews

  • Works as expected

    posted by kenmori

    - It works right out of the box, plug and play on a Windows 7 machine, recognizing all SATA HDDs I tried;- USB 2.0 speed, up to 20Mb/s sustained transfer speed;- Had it working for a couple of days, transfering several gigabytes at a time, with no error;- The USB hub as well as the Card Reader function also work as they are supposed to.
    I already had a USB/SATA adapter but it was very unstable when transferring large amounts of data, it would usually give some read/write error.Not with this one, which works as it should.
    For the price, more than worth it. If you have several SATA HDDs and want to access them conveniently from any computer, buy it.Especially useful for notebooks, since the USB hub means you won't lose an USB port, and actually have one more to spare.Besides a card reader.
  • HDD Docking station

    posted by busamuis

    A good product. Working properly. Quality is good.It meets all the expectations which I use it.Een goed product. Werkt naar behoren. Kwaliteit is goed te noemen.Het voldoet aan alle verwachtingen waarvoor ik hem gebruik.
    You can buy the product certainly is not bad buy.Je kunt het product zeker kopen het is geen miskoop.
    For the money it is worth to buy it.Voor het geld is het de moeite waard om hem te kopen.
  • Cloning hard drive rocks!

    posted by bin23

    Easy to usePretty fast clone time (especially ssd to ssd)Not expensiveMultiple ways to clone your hard drives
    I got it on sale for USD$25 so that is pretty good, but never got the chance to use till recently, which works really well. I recently bought a 240gb ssd so i cloned my pc's 120gb sdd into the new 240gb ssd (really fast). Then i cloned my laptop's traditional 120gb hd to the ex-pc's 120gb ssd (took a bit more time). Both are successful without any problem!
    Imagine u are in a company and u gotta upgrade a whole bunch self build pc (with all same hardware), this can save u a lot of time!!! U can clone to 2 sata drives at the same time (haven't had the chance to try this yet)!
  • Good to have

    posted by TheDuck279

    Can read HDDs outside computersHas two interfacesHas an ON/OFF switch!HOT SWAP
    nice to have piece, KEEP IT NEAR AND USE IT WISE.I have many drives left from old computers and i found a lot of files i thought lost for good.
    Buy as a docking station for HDDs, if you have some disks left from old computers and need access to data, but not as an external HDDs.The card readers are not that good. I seldom use them. The fact it is a HOT SWAP is great!
  • Works fine, no network adapter.

    posted by RubenEs

    It is for SATA disks, not for IDE, which I think it is better as SATA disks are not easier to find nowadays and are in general better than IDE.
    Looks nice and original.
    My PS2 model is 50050 which is higher than 50000 (the indicated highest supported model) and works fine. I think there is no difference between both models.
    It's nice that you can buy this from anywhere in the world (more or less). It took a while to arrive but it was worth the time.

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