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On this page, you can find a wide selection of 2.4ghz wireless. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. 2.4ghz wireless monitor and 2.4ghz wireless headphone are the hottest keywords that customer use. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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2.4ghz wireless Customers Reviews

  • Solid llittle keyboard

    posted by gfairservice

    Everything works, feels solid and stays connected to pcNo setup required, install batteries and receiver and you're good to go
    This and an android stick make a great combo for watching XBMC on your tv
    Got this for my mini android tv stick. Works great and fits in with the other remotes. Mousepad and keyboard works fairly good but a little small for someone with larger fingers.Was a coin flip between this and the measy rc11. So far I'm happy with my choice.
  • Very good

    posted by MoacirSouza

    - Very light- Very smooth to handle (regarding the pointer)- Cheap in comparison with other products that use non rechargeable batteries.- Compact signal receptor- Almost imperceptible delay in recognizing the movement for the first time after a long pause.- Very well built. Appears to be very solid.- Rechargeable mobile-style battery (the main reason I bought it)
    - The scrolling is not very smooth but I think this will improve over the time.- The available colors are just awful in my opinion. A black one would be great.
    Very worthwhile buying. I think I'll never have to worry about AA or AAA rechargeable batteries again and, frankly, that's a great relief.Being able to use a cordless mouse that just works feels great, but have in mind that I don't use this mouse for gaming or anything beyond ordinary.
  • Great wifi adapter for its price

    posted by mazupan

    It connects to very far access points my laptop won't even detect. Those wifi networks that had on my laptop only "fair" signal are now labeled as "excellent" with this adapter.Drivers not needed on win7, but installing them would help in fine tuning - especially for making transmiter more powerfull.
    It would be nice if the adapter supported 802.11 n.
    Very useful tool for all those who need to stay connected.
  • It really works!!

    posted by mira8098

    It really Boost my signal from 40 - 80% more so it is really impressive. I can go over 1.5 km from my house :) I am using beini at the moment and I can pickup many networks around my neighborhood.in spanish Imcremento la senal un de un 40 - 80 % mas para el tamano que tiene es muy buena.me conecta mas de 1.5 km de distancia hasta el otro punto. en este momento estoy usando beini y puedo ver algunas redes en mi punto de vista de red.
    It is cheap and a good buy if you know what you are doing :)Es barata y fuciona para lo que tenia en mente :)
  • Good Wifi N dongle, compatible with Raspberry Pi

    posted by MonoS94

    The dongle is very tiny, less than the usb connector.Support all three common standard [b,g and n, not a but this standard is not used by common peripheral].Use very low current [less than 100mA].Can be plugged into a raspberry pi thanks to its compatibility with linux and the low power consumption.
    A very good dongle, tiny, cheap, not hungry with power and to its job for the price.
    Advised to everyone who want to use this on a raspberry pi, not recommended as a pc dongle.

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