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2.4ghz wireless mouse

It's very convenient for you to find the 2.4ghz wireless mouse you want at our online shop. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Find more hot gadgets at usb wireless mouse and bluetooth wireless mouse. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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2.4ghz wireless mouse Customers Reviews


    posted by fsilveir2008

    The rechargable battery (by connecting in the USB port) and the light weight are definitely pros for this product.Also the battery is very simple to find if you need to replace it.It has a very good precision on the movement since it uses a laser.
    It is very simple to use. It has a button to configure a shortcut.
    I really reccomend this product.
  • Very good

    posted by DJnegocio

    Yes, I liked this mouse, because of many things like: it's use a dual AAA battery, you can use rechargeable battery like an Enitime, for me works during 4 weeks without recharge, it has a auto-off features after a long time it auto-switch off, it has a high sensible movement, then setup as your necessity, the usb connector can be store in bottom side the mouse. It has a good package too, storing the mouse safetly.
    Will be nice if it came with rechargeable AAA batteries inside the box.
  • Good lightweight controller

    posted by kenkendk

    Works great for Android, even has a little Home button. The arrows do scrolling nicely. The volume rocker on the side works. Very light weight, even with batteries. Very small receiver, works just like a normal mouse. Comes with a manual, pleasant brightness of the internal LED.
    Right-click works as back on Android. I have not tried it on non-Android device.
    Good for presentations where you want it to be always on, not really great for use as a media center controller.
  • made for car lovers

    posted by KazeZero

    its really small, fits right in the hand, have a excellent response for my commands, really easy to install and use (just plug the adapter and you're done)
    Its very useful. I really recomend the use of 2 AAA Batterie pairs. When 1 par is dry, the other can supply the minimouse time enough to the first pair completed charge
    Excellent product, with a reallu usefull energy save time, but consume more then i thought
  • Great little keyboard

    posted by Shell5hock

    Worked with my raspberry pi and all my desktops/ laptops. Same build quality as the ones seen in shops. Great for those who wish to control your computer via wireless but without using blutooth. I thought that typing on this would be a pain, but its actually alot more enjoyable then my phones keyboard!
    Great gadget. Easy to type with and has great range. Will buy again if needed.
    If you have a use for this (who doesnt) then this will fit the bill.. bottom line? BUY IT

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