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2.4ghz wireless module

Buy quality 2.4ghz wireless module at our online store at low prices. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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2.4ghz wireless module Customers Reviews

  • Very nice transceiver

    posted by Gyro76

    Size, price, easy interface, on-board tuned antenna, assembling is very easy to main PCB.
    Ideal transceiver to use in tiny DIY gadgets for small distance communication (in a room).
    Can be used with almost any microcontroller (ATMEL, PIC)... I used PIC16F819 and PIC12F629 (SPI written in assembler). Works fine. SPI communication speed can be as low as needed by microcontroller.
  • Excelent value for the price

    posted by ronaldpatino

    It is a very compact unit that few space in your circuit design, the range is good and with the provided libraries it is pretty simple to get it going with your arduino, or arduino clone
    The packing of the items for shipping could be improved as one of the connectors was bended, but nothing that could not be fixed
    it is a good product for testing and learinng RF, I'd rather use this one instead of a zigbee module, at least from a beginer point of view
  • NRF24L01+

    posted by ecqu000

    Same design as suggested in chips datasheet, therefor working very well.Indoors range is around 10m as previous reviewer said, and outdoors range is over 50m, (that's how far i tested it only..)Board is really small 32x13mm.There are ready made libraries for Arduino (i tested with RF24 lib, but there is also one called Mirf)
    If you need one with more range, get the one with bigger antenna that is made by reference design from datasheet (available from DX).If you want to use it on mega 2560 or similar, then note that the pins are different than for uno and similar.DX is selling pack of 2 also, but last i checked buying 2 of these is cheaper than buying 2 pack.You can make more than 2 units talk to each other also.
    If you need to move a lot of data back and forth, between some mcu-s you will need this.Very quick to get it working on Arduino thanks for ready made libraries.And price is also better than anywhere else.
  • Great way to build a multi-node wireless environment with Arduinos

    posted by rigorka

    Reasonably cheap and pretty reliable wireless module. Works well in the building when a distance is within 10m and there are not too many thick walls between the nodes. Supports retransmission and data integrity control, makes the programming very straightforward. Excellent Arduino library is available.
    For those needing to cover longer distances there are versions of this transceiver with the external antenna available on DX. Noticeably more expensive of course.
    The best wireless module for the tasks of home automation that I know of.
  • Very good product

    posted by anistor

    It is very cheap compared with any other wireless solutions. It is made of good materials. Quality is good. It works very well. A lot of information about this on internet: http://maniacbug.wordpress.com/2011/11/02/getting-started-rf24/ You can network them in very large numbers: http://maniacbug.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/rf24network/It is perfect for any Arduino project. There are hacks that make this board talk to bluetooth: http://hackaday.com/2013/09/21/sending-data-over-bluetooth-low-energy-with-a-cheap-nrf24l01-module/
    Great product. Recommended.


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