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The perfect 2.4ghz wifi here to meet all your needs. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. With your support, we can do better.

2.4ghz wifi Customers Reviews

  • works w/ bravissimo/w7/osx

    posted by claudioazevedo

    I have purchased this to work with AZBOX Bravissimo (and some others too) and works right out of the box. Works with Windows 7, OSX and it is incredible small! I have several others with same chip and i think all of then works like same, besides the reception of this.... but is expected.
    none, this is a realy cheap and great wifi adapter.
    Buy if you need a very tiny wireless dongle and you are not far away to get signal, this is a very good choise. But if you are a bit more away, others adapters with antenna will keep the signal better, like the SKU 106094 or 105703, all of there i have and WORK in Bravissimo.
  • Small and Discrete

    posted by Archangel17

    Good signal range and signal never drops. Very discrete and doesn't block other USB ports. Comes with drivers mini CD but you probably wont need it (except maybe Windows XP or older)
    For this price, it a good upgrade for new and old computers that need wifi access. I have it hooked up to a Dell tower, against a wall and behind a curtain. Signal still strong with the router on a completely different floor.
    If you have a Wireless-N router, get one of these for each machine you want to make wireless! you wont regret the quality of this adapter.
  • Did What I Wanted It To Do

    posted by sanju77

    I had very weak signals in a particular area of my house and have a smart tv and a desktop in that area. I connected this extender right in between the router and that Tv the setup was easy with English GUI connected to the router within seconds the TV and desktop has a full signal strength. Did some speedtests on the desktop there is just a small drop of speed which is acceptable for an extender. Changed the location about couple of times but had no problems in connectivity . As it works on 2.4 gigahertz it covers a good area with a goog connectivity. The GUI offers a lot with the different security level as well you can change the brodcast name (ssid). It runs on the same channels on which your router is working. The good part is that this product has an WPS button to easily share the settings without manually entering them. This product can also be use an an access point which is great..... my mother has dropped this product a couple of times but eveytime it survived ......
    One Ethernet port can be used to connect a desktop without wireless connectivity
    A great product for great price
  • Perfecta!

    posted by metrateam

    Gracias a esta antena puedo trabajar de forma más facil buscando redes wifis alejadas de mi lugar de trabajo o casa, se nota un aumento del 40% de la señal alcanzada pasando de un 40% al 96% en la red wifi.
    compatible con programas de auditoria wifi, no tiene ningún problema de compatibilidad y el ordenador lo detecta facilmente.
    la mejor elección que hice en mucho tiempo, espero que me dure bastante tiempo ya que fue barata y su funcion es exencial
  • Nice Booster

    posted by CungaLunga

    With this booster my wifi signal is better for 70%, with him i get 6db antenna. Best guality on antenna and booster, i am very satisfied from them.
    I use it with TP Link 54 Mbps usb adapter with added antenna with 13 dbi. When i use it in my room the signal is a little lower unlike when it's put outside the signal is better and with good guality.I think when you connect it with 150 mbps adapter the signal will be better.
    If you have a problem with your wifi signal and you cannot afford expencive booster, with this you will resolve your problem!

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