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2.4ghz wifi antenna

The 2.4ghz wifi antenna your looking for is one of our top sellers. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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2.4ghz wifi antenna Customers Reviews

  • good antenna

    posted by junke17

    + small and functional++ good price++ one directional antenna included+ 100 m cable+ nice look
    I think this product is perfect for improving range of original 2dbi antennas in APs. It is really good product for this price. I was surprised how good it is. Do not worry to buy, it works.I just only connected cable to my AP and it was all, nothing hard.
    It helped me connect faster on wifi in my flat room, where it was not good before because of small range 2dbi antenna.
  • Good quality antenna

    posted by renatopas

    Antenna good quality. Significantly improved the quality of the signal from my computer wifi receiver. Before the antenna, the signal quality indicator indicating strength 1 of 5. With the addition of the antenna, the signal intensity changed from 5 to 4.
    The cable that came with the antenna has a good length. Lets leave the computer under the table while the antenna can stay on top of furniture.
    I recommend the purchase. In fact, already ordered two more antennas to put on another computer, which is in a place with difficult access at home.
  • nice stuff

    posted by kobi1982

    I'm glad there are articles such as this, the price for premium quality is laughable, frankly am delighted item and recommends the purchase of the same, only thing is the little problem of packaging in which the product is packaged, given that the long antenna was placed in a large transport bag not packaging was hard to get a little bent during transport, I put it on the radiator when I warmed back to its original position, and everything works as it should was bent 4-5 degrees on top of the entire length, but it is not at all a reason to Decrease the value of this item, all the best ...
  • Review:Great!!

    posted by lmnewey

    This Antenna will surprise you i purchased this as a secondary antenna to one which i bought at jaycar to my surprise it actually receives twice as much as the more expensive Jaycar model(both chinese made)works perfectly with (SKU 30605) High Power 802.11b/g wifi USB Adapter, for Example a network approx 1/2 KM away i got -72 dBm with jaycar antenna and -58 dBm reading's from this one, these measurments came from airodump and kismet
    I couldn't help my self i had to pull it apart inside i found a large PCB wich only sit around 6mm of the base reflector. the pcb itself seems to have four printed panels joint to each other by a very fine line to the N connector seems very basic but works very very well
    This is a very cheap antenna that works great i would suggest this to anyone wanting to increase the range of there network or even make a long distance bridge of some kind, but be sure you are able to obtain the correct fittings to connect your access point of wireless device
  • Small and Discrete

    posted by Archangel17

    Good signal range and signal never drops. Very discrete and doesn't block other USB ports. Comes with drivers mini CD but you probably wont need it (except maybe Windows XP or older)
    For this price, it a good upgrade for new and old computers that need wifi access. I have it hooked up to a Dell tower, against a wall and behind a curtain. Signal still strong with the router on a completely different floor.
    If you have a Wireless-N router, get one of these for each machine you want to make wireless! you wont regret the quality of this adapter.


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