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2.4ghz transmitter receiver

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2.4ghz transmitter receiver Customers Reviews

  • Very Good

    posted by itan1409

    Excellent triggers, very good range, works excellent as remote triggers for studio lights, external flashes, and as wired and wireless trigger for the camera, every possible type of connection (PC sync, pin, flash mount)
    Had to figure out that triggers had to be placed on camera flash port.
    Excellent for the money, would recommend to anybody. Just be careful to choose the right one for Your camera, so it can operate as wired and wireless camera trigger. Now I carry them all the time with me, permanent place in the bag, since they are Swiss army knife tool for me. For Macro work I use them as triggers for the camera, (wired or wireless remote), for studio I use them as studio flash triggers.
  • A gadget worth getting

    posted by cheapodude

    - Very clear signal from my STB to my old CRT TV- Manage to use the remote (after thinking and reread the manual of how to stick the IR cable)- Price is pretty cheap
    Got 2 TV, one is an SmartTV which connect to my STB via HDMI while use this device to connect to my old CRT TV. At first having a hard time understanding how does to make my STB remote to change the channel on the receiver set, but finally manage to get it after pointing the IR to the IR of the STB
    All in all, a gadget worth getting
  • Sleek design, easy setup, good range, good quality

    posted by jay33

    1) sleek design and size ( quite small and hidable )
    2) Good range. The transmitter is currently about 13m away from the receiver. Should go atleast 15-18m. . ..There is no loss in quality. The signal currently travels through 2 walls and a piano. With this setup the video "crackles" every few seconds showing a faint static line and produces a quited crackle sound. This is because its under the TV in the cabinet. Once its placed ontop of the TV the crackles are limited to about once every 45secs.
    3) Transmits your remotes IR signal to the satalite/DVD or what ever your using from another location.
    Buy this only if you cannot lay cables. Expect random crackles during viewing ( not too bothering... )
    Think about it interfering with your router. Could someone confirm this? I dont want to mess up my router any more!
    Keep it in an open area as high up as possible.
    Good price, its usually much more expensive in stores. Image / sound quality is not reduced which is awsome! ! !
    If you need one, only buy it here! !

    posted by qsatmor

    Does its job, to transfer audio from one room to another, my home has very thick walls thats why I need the 2W power. Tried another less powerful device and that did not work. The qualiy of the audio was good enough. Not rried to relay the videochannel.
    Looks proffesional, easy to install
    With 4 channels so you could use other devices as well ,or try out which channel works best for you
  • Great

    posted by cassiameyre

    Excellent value for money. Sometimes it fails, but it´s like one shoot in 50, so that´s ok for me. Since I bought I donté leave my studio for a photo session without it. Later I bought an extra receiver, so I can use with two flashes.
    For the price it´s ok.
    It could be better, but I guess it's worth its price.

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