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2.4ghz sma wifi

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2.4ghz sma wifi Customers Reviews

  • very nice build quality

    posted by haavardsunnset

    Very nice build quality, good amplification/gain. Very easy to use. SMA Piggytail included
    Not much of a manual in the box, and none needed. Might be good to know when installing; Green led is power. Blue led is Wifi activity.
    Better than expected quality. Some extra work modifying the AC adapter. And definitely amplifies the wifi signal. Got about twice the radius in coverage, and always 54mbps. Further away and my devices "see" the amplified accesspoint but wont connect reliably. Probably to weak transmitter / antennas in my phone and laptop.
  • good price

    posted by death29

    It is worth noting that the price is very good. The device is worth its money.
    This is a good antenna for the home. However, with mobile devices is the signal, unlike d-link antenna 7 dBi. At a distance of 200 metres is working fine (open area without barriers). I think is worth taking further and check at a greater distance.
    Antenna is worth its money. Be sure to buy it!
  • Good quality antenna

    posted by renatopas

    Antenna good quality. Significantly improved the quality of the signal from my computer wifi receiver. Before the antenna, the signal quality indicator indicating strength 1 of 5. With the addition of the antenna, the signal intensity changed from 5 to 4.
    The cable that came with the antenna has a good length. Lets leave the computer under the table while the antenna can stay on top of furniture.
    I recommend the purchase. In fact, already ordered two more antennas to put on another computer, which is in a place with difficult access at home.
  • Good Over All

    posted by havidredden

    Allows Directional aiming for WiFi signals, making it so you can turn down the power coming off your WiFi router.The connector is normal for most "G" network routers as well, so no problems there
    If your looking for an antenna to try and reduce the power of your WiFi router or your desk is at the other side of the warehouse and you want better signal , then just buy it, what else have you got to loose
  • this is a very good antenna

    posted by mixmil

    well this antenna work perfect in my router and really works you know,it increases a signal and the rank of the wifi so its a good investment
    this is a good antenna and cheap and compare to another antennas works just fine and it have really good aspect too
    I have to floors in my house the router stay in the second floor and the signal in the first floor was vary poor wiht this antenna the signal its vary strong now so I can tell work amazing buy it

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