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  • Great Cheap Heli

    posted by Guyfromhe

    Awesome little 4 channel heliNearly indestructibleVery fastPrecise controlCan buy this item as just the heli only if you want to replace the whole thing rather than trying to repair tiny parts.This one does not come with a controller or batteries! I made the mistake buying this (not looking very close at the pics) and I ended up buying a kit afterwards so I have a spare.
    If you haven't mastered 3 channel coaxial helis you may have a hard time with this. The controls are a lot more sensitive than most other toy helis and it moves a lot faster. As long as you can handle all 4 directions at once you should be able to get the hang of it pretty quick. The fact that it doesn't really break is also a plus for learning.
    Awesome heli.. If you are looking to buy THIS item you probably already know that and have one. If you aren't a V911 owner already go buy: http://www.dx.com/p/wltoys-v911-4ch-4-channel-2-4ghz-mini-gyro-single-radio-propeller-rc-helicopter-model-1-123220It's the same thing but comes with the control and so forth. It will NOT let you down.
  • Very responsive powerful lightweight quadricopter

    posted by amik6

    can resist quite strong wind when flying outside without losing control!long battery live (10 minutes of full-performace flight)quite durable to crasheslightweight and simpleeasy to disassemble and replace partscheap and easy-to-find spare partsvery high responsibility and performace in compare with classical helicopters
    I recommend ordering at least one piece of every spare part, except of propellers (4 extra are already in package) and mainboard (bit expensive... hope not to break it)
    Perfect toy for flying both indoor and outdoor (I recommend large open space without obcastles for beginners, ladybird is moving really fast and you should avoid crashes to walls. However, it can still survive not too violent crashes.
  • Really Nice Helicopter, bad info

    posted by mcingolani

    Really Nice Heli, easy to use!! You can fly this one with a little training.The USB charge is very good and usefull so you don't need to use the controller batteries. But if you are far from a pc you still have the controller charge option!!
    Good choice! But do not trust the info on the item title.
    None just the missinfo
  • Hubsan x4 v2 - Excellent deal !

    posted by Neeeeeeeeeel

    It can fly inside.It can fly outside.It flys really really fast if you know how to fly it.It's very stable.You can learn how to fly it in about 1-2 days of practice.You can put a bigger battery (240mah original battery, it can fly with a 380mah battery) so it extends the funny time!Easy to calibrate the accelerometer.I'm so surprized about the auto-stability software that this toy has, it's so perfect.You can make 360º backflips.It includes an extra set of propellers.If you broke something, you can buy it separelly, you don't have to through away your quad.
    I'm so happy with my Hubsan x4 v2. It was a good deal.
    I recommend not to use the rotation channel if you are a beginner. At least until you fly it well and you don't crash it always...
  • hard for beginners!

    posted by jillesretera

    great 4 channel heli, survived 10+ big crashes already :)great range, too much range for a small heli :)
    Watch out which spare batteries you order, look if the connector fits your heli. I ordered the wrong ones, because there are two kinds of batteries / connectors..
    great heli for this kind of money, with a bit of practice it makes a brilliant toy!


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