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2.4ghz rc control Customers Reviews

  • Fun toy

    posted by snof

    *IT DOES LOOPINGS! Fully automated by pressing that "hover debugging button" in the subscription. You can even choose in which direction.*Small and light, so it can be used inside, even in a small room, won't hit very hard because of the weight.*Reloaded in just 30 minutes*Lights are cool!
    Really fun, cheap and easy to fly.
    Great gift
  • Great little bird

    posted by monsterbnt

    Great little bird. Flies nice without need for expert adjustment on your radio. Only a little trim needed. Compared to his ''original'' T-rex it is much more for the price. Strong and durable, even if you break something, replacement and upgrade parts are available at reasonable prices.
    It is good to replace original landing skid and battery connector with new model so it can accept new bigger batteries.
    If u rate it by price-quality-fun standards, best bird on the market.
  • Good Helicopter

    posted by Wanderpk

    - Good quality on the helicopter built, it has a nice look also.
    - Hovers stable, after i adjusted the swashplates and trimmed it.
    - It flies around 10 minutes with the provided battery (800mah).
    - Can fly outside much better than most 3ch models, since with 4ch you can counter against breezes.
    - The charger stops charging after battery is loaded (green led lights when done, but it takes 2 hours to charge, not 1 ).
    - The helicopter have a red led wich starts to blink when battery is weak, and at this point you need to stop, or the battery could be damaged by excessive discharge. Anyway you should stop when you feel a significant engine power decrease.
    - Parts are not too expensive.
    - Battery can be swapped easily, you can have more of them with you and replace when empty (just wait a few minutes to cool the engines before fly again).
    - The transmitter is 2.4ghz and is mode 2.
    - I think it is a good value helicopter for beginners like me, it can fly outdoor in calm days and also indoor in large rooms. It is harder to fly compared to 3ch helicopters, but also much more interesting.
    - I had some crashes with it and only the blades got damaged. it comes with 2 spare blades but i already have ordered more.
    - If you want to fly outside or if you have a good indoor space this helicopter can be a good choice to you.
  • Exelent!! Perfect balance hobby/toy

    posted by Bighope

    This is a fantastic R/C helicopter for starters!! I've never owned nore tried flying R/C Helicopter, but allready I'm starting to controll the hoover and square exersise. It has suffered LOTS of "hard landing"(crashes), but still everything is in order (one side landinggear needs a litle drop of glue,but what would you expect?)
    All in one package. Ready to fly. Exelent!
    All in one package. Ready to fly. Exelent!!
  • Absolutely Awesome!!!

    posted by worrab

    Just an astounding piece of kit. Not easy to fly well, but highly manoeverable. The remote range is great and has four different modes so that it can be adapted to suit your style.The helicopter flies astonishingly fast and is fortunately quite robust. It's quite stable provided you trim it correctly so hovering over one spot is perfectly attainable.It's quite a sizeable beast and seems strong enough for a wide range of conditions.
    It can be quite challenging to keep control and it really is not suitable for the under 10s. When you start to fly, don't under any circumstances apply full throttle - your helicopter will head upwards amazingly fast which might just result in a pile-up.We flew it in a modest wind without problems - just as in a real helicopter though, you need to take-off and land into wind.
    As the heading says, this is absolutely awesome - probably one of the best toys you could buy

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