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2.4ghz omni wifi

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2.4ghz omni wifi Customers Reviews

  • Great product, works great

    posted by rodotnet

    very good antenna, it is easy to use, no special skills are needed.i bout 2 antenna, this one is cheaper and works better than the other one.i get with that antenna an "excellent" level with my laptop, without the antenna i got very poor.off course it is easy to use product just plug it and you gain your wireless level, it is just like a magic :).
    worth the price and the quality.i recommend for buying this product.just what i wanted and i got it with buying this antenna.
  • Excellent product

    posted by ronzinn

    Good and solid unit. Very good price. A similar unit in Canada would be at least twice the price
    This unit is very good for getting a wifi from a distance. I use this for a webcam in the country where I have to pick up a wifi signal from more than a kilometer away. The unit is mounted on a 6 meter pole and I use a signal booster to get the signal. It works like a charm!
    If you use this unit like I do, you will need a signal booster and a good quality USB extension.
  • this is a very good antenna

    posted by mixmil

    well this antenna work perfect in my router and really works you know,it increases a signal and the rank of the wifi so its a good investment
    this is a good antenna and cheap and compare to another antennas works just fine and it have really good aspect too
    I have to floors in my house the router stay in the second floor and the signal in the first floor was vary poor wiht this antenna the signal its vary strong now so I can tell work amazing buy it
  • Fantastic product

    posted by awdglf5

    This antenna significantly boosted the wireless signal on my main desktop PC. I have my router on the other side of the house and was frequently suffering dropouts and dodgy connections. Not any more!This unit has a fairly lengthy lead too so I have a variety of mounting options.
    Great if you need a reliable wireless connection over some distance. Definitely worth the money!!
  • quite satisfying

    posted by renatho100

    good productThe 03 elements that creates the tower is a good thickness. He has no work to assemble or disassemble, threading is a simple quick dish you have ready to use in your vehicle or anywhere you are.
    serves to transmit and receive various types.
    good cost benefit.Cost-effective to serve various types of apparatus will depend on the type of adapter or your phone has. The cable is the perfect size so no need for amendments or cuts.

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