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2.4ghz antenna high gain

You can find fashionable 2.4ghz antenna high gain at a low price. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

2.4ghz antenna high gain Customers Reviews

  • good boost

    posted by phiadon

    Authentic linksys antennaGood range boostWorks with linksys wrtg54glSame price as on amazon but free international delivery
    Provided a good range boost. Went from barely one bar in a remote room to 3 bars and reliable connection. Allowed a single router to fully cover the entire house. Bought purely for range - allowed me to avoid buying a new router. Didn't notice any major increase in speed, just better range and connection reliability.
    Good price and authentic product - provides decent increase in range.
  • It does provide signal gain

    posted by romaneth

    Well, In few words I like it, instead of spreading RF spectrum widely, it narrows beam to one area. I couldn'y measure exactl increase but it may be as suggested 6-8dbm. I'd purchased it to beam wifi to my android TV sku.66302 I'm anticipating to arrive soon.
    It's easy to use with any standard Wi-Fi router. Now instead of broadcasting to entire house, I focus RF beam exactly where needed. Good buy.
    Worth buy.
  • very usefull directional antenna

    posted by edilakes2

    This item is very useful if you are trying to design a personal wifi coverage. If attempting to get your wifi on the pool but don´t wan´t to increase your base station power, This is your item.
    The material seems not very good, it looks plastic, but it´s has made his work properly. It´s still working and I´ve twisted it a lot!
    I would like to have some measurements to share because it seems to me that it´s not 8 dB, but again, it´s working very good for me. You should buy it.
  • good antenna

    posted by skorpx

    outwardly looks like other higher-cost antennas. material quality is good. Dbi high gain and good coverage.
    exteriormente luce como otras antenas de mayor costo. la calidad del material es bueno. Alta ganancia en dbi, y una buena cobertura.
    I've used two of these antennas and work very well
    amplifies the cellular signal at any frequency.
    from 800 to 2500 MHz
    amplifica la la señal de telefonia celular en cualquier frecuencia.
    desde 800 a 2500 mhz
    ya he usado dos de estas antenas y funcionan muy bien
  • Excellent and Smart product

    posted by Javier2013

    Very affordable quality product, easy to install and good general performance overall.Fast easy installation.Network performance increased enormously once pointed to the link location.High connection improvement at a very low cost.
    WiFi signal can be very susceptible to weather changes, trees in the way.. etc.. Choosing this type of aerial can save you money, and give the right desired performance if used correctly, or finding the right installation location.ISP Router located at 76 metersPing to router : 4 miliseconds, with 0 packets lost.Very stable and fast connection.
    Serviced by DX.com with excellent customer support, delivey to Spain took less than expected.Would recomend to anyone wanting to stablish a stronger and more stable wifi link.

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