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2.4ghz antenna high gain

You can find fashionable 2.4ghz antenna high gain at a low price. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

2.4ghz antenna high gain Customers Reviews

  • Amazing value

    posted by kneegrowplease

    A really great antenna, i have a 24dbi grid antenna on the roof with a 2w amplifier and this thing pulls in only 3 DBI less signal than the grid THROUGH THE WALLS AND BRICK FIREPLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BUY 10!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm buying more!
  • Great, Cheap wifi Antenna

    posted by nihilistAU

    This comes flatpacked in a carboard box and comes supplied with all the nuts and bolts and U connectors for out door mounting. Extremely high gain antenna which will boost your signal, However you need to know why you are buying this device. It is not omni directional and needs to be accurately pointed at it's destination point to be effective.
    This is for point to point wifi, so if you just want to boost your wifi signal in your house I would suggest a omni directional antenna instead.
    Great unit, Great price. Does what is printed on the box.
  • Fair directiona antenna for a ridicolous price

    posted by thlama

    6-8dB gain over the typical omni antenna bundled with your router.
    Very sturdy.
    Includes pole mount.
    Not so directional to make it difficult to aim.
    Yagi antennas are quite easy to aim because of their shape.
    The cable is a bit short, but this helps keeping the loss low.
    Directional antennas are not suited to be used indoor, walls reflections usually mess things up to the point that it will perform just as a normal omnidirectional antenna.
    You won't get anything better for 14 bucks.
  • Cheapest for the performance - wow

    posted by Dyrim

    Arived in perfect condition
    Works well
    Greater stability in wifi signal
    Very sturdy
    Gotta remember that this is a $16 antenna that can out perform some commercial ones.
    It is directional so it is a focused beam, better for use on a wifi card the acres point.
    Get it and enjoy, will improve signal, it's cheap and IT WORKS.
    I have used this many times on holidays to pick up nearby free macdonalds Internet.
    Combine this with a high powered wifi adapter and your all set :)
  • Great

    posted by Samirr

    Can be used on any usb wireless adapter that has a removable antennaIncreases range really well, allows me to connect to my router on the ground floor(full bars) and I live in a 3 story villa with thick stone walls.Allows you to use 3 antennas of your choice instead of oneVery strong magnet on the bottom of the device, can attach anywhere on your desktop PC and it will not move at all, you might have to put some effort into removing it as well, thats how strong it is.
    I attached 3 11dBi RP-SMA Omnidirectional WiFi Antenna instead of the 3 antennas that came with this device, and its doing wonders for me. (even though the ones with the device were very good as well) Check it out here: http://www.dx.com/p/47783
    Great to use if you want to increase range and connectivity, definitely worth more than the price.


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