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2.4ghz 300mbps Customers Reviews

  • Works perfect

    posted by Cereal

    Works great, got a coverage of about 500Meters with other antennas, 350 meters with the default antennas. Very simple to install.
    Tested it with the default antennas, but then the coverage is not that great, so replaced the antennas.
    Good product, but you need to understand how it works.
  • Good WLAN adapter

    posted by bbobthebuilder

    - Very small- Comes with a powerfull antenna, good signal strength- Good quality (really, it's one of the best of many DX products I have)- Cheap price considering the quality. I wouldn't even get a a/b/g dongle for that price here.- Drivers available not only for Windows, but OS X too (tested with OS X Mountain Lion and XP)
    Cheap and reliable WLAN dongle. If you want to hook up a computer to your WLAN, that's the device you need. I definitely recommend it!
  • Excellent

    posted by tenpou

    One of the best WiFi adapters I owned. Due to difficult access conditions (~10m, several walls to AP) I went through a lot of them, and this one works great.The chipset is indeed Realtek 8191SU, very stable performance. Completely plug-n-play under Linux.The connection Bit Rate is constantly 150 Mbps, never drops. Can get to 300Mbps if the AP supports it.Cheaper than similar USB dongles on the site. (It doesn't need an external antenna to get great signal)Gets warm, but doesn't overheat. Build quality is good.
    It's slightly bigger than mini-adapters out there, but it's worth it, since it doesn't overheat. It's not distractingly big.
    I had a thumbnail-sized dongle with Ralink RT5370 before, and in the same conditions with the same AP it was flaky like hell, speeds 6Mbps-72Mbps, d/cs, etc.This one works perfectly @150Mbps.Important note: To get the adapter to work @ 300Mbps your access point should be set up with Channel Width = 40MHz. Normally, it's not done since there's a lot of interference on wider channels. With (common setting) 20MHz you'll get 150Mbps max.
  • Very good for its price and compactic

    posted by talsul

    Compactic, Supports some operation modes (repeater, client, AP), Wireless and LAN,actic, Supports some operation modes (repeater, client, AP), supports settings backup/restore, supports update/upgrate.Includes very good instructions (they are compactic too so you will need your glasses...).
    I should check the reliability of the product.
    Very good for its price and compactic (can be used when traveling).
  • Nice one, no problems at all

    posted by 41ter

    -I switched to this one from an internal PCI-e wifi card which would constantly disconnect and reconnect during gaming sessions, and as far as im concerned this does not happen with this one, which is good if you play online games.-Genuine realtek 8191SU chip, which guarantees its not some cheap, bad quality device, its a good chip inside a generic casing.-On w7 all you have to do is plug it in and install drivers, and it works like a charm.-the drivers include a realtek utility which measures signal intensity in percentage, as opposed to the imprecise bars w7 shows
    I ordered it becouse there are some complicated obstacles between my room and the router's location, but the usb dongle doesnt seem to have a problem with that, while the pci-e card does.
    Good buy, could be a little cheaper, but im not complaining, its much more expensive where i live anyway.

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