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2.4g keyboard Customers Reviews

  • Not working with Windows 64 bits

    posted by scumie

    Works as advertised on windows x86 (32 bits)Small, compact, very very thinSolid overall except a few keys (read on)
    Not been able to use it on my 64 bit machine makes this product useless for me. I might use it for my other machine or leave it there just in case. I don't recommend this, although it's a nice keyboard, it might not work properly on your OS. I tried searching for drivers, there are none to be found. I'll post here if I can find one.
    If you use a 32 bits OS (Windows) you might enjoy this keyboard. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.
  • Very Googl

    posted by aleamaral

    It complies in it. Very easy to install! The mouse is pretty ergonomic, fitting in my hand very soft. The keybord is very light e thin.
    Excellent value for money! The buttons are not the softest one, but is very pleasant to type on it.
    100% recommended! This product turned my home office elegant.
  • Wan N - A very important use when required.

    posted by irwannasit

    Here are the plus point of this item.1) Backlit keyboard.2) Full keyboard functionality.3) Vertical or Horizontal use of mouse pad.4) Laser pointer.5) IR 2 set for remote control matching.6) Lithium Ion battery. 4BL (nokia sized similar)7) FN functions similar to laptop keyboard.8) Good with Android, Linux and Windows OS. Especially smart TVs. 9) Touch pad similar to laptop functionality.10) Plug and play keyboard for ease of use across most platforms.
    Useful for Educators, Trainers, Teachers, Presentation givers.
    A must for me. Would be useful for you. Wan N verified.

    posted by jimpack

    - very light and compact
    - bluetooth!!!
    - fashon retrolights
    - mini but comfortable
    - Work perfect on my Nokia N8!!! :D (need some help from support because the manual no say nothing about symbian)
    - Work perfect en my notebooks!!!! :D (acer and HP, with win 7)
    Is perfect for teaching
    - Is perfect for classes, presentations with PowerPoint and improvise with other programs.
    - Has a comfortable touchpad, perfect fit for my nokia N8 complemented by an arrow pointer (like windows!). Along with this I connect my nokia via HDMI to the TV and get a great netbook!
    - Great for chat and another programs
  • Very Good, cheap rasperry PI Keyboard

    posted by Tyfon1

    Cheap, Working, Easy to install, Can be used on different systems (not only Rasperry PI)
    Antenna is on the side of the remote, which is strange, especially because sometimes it needs sight with the receiver to work properly. After some time to habituate you get used to it.
    All in all a very good small remote keyboard for a basic Home Theatre System (or similar) using a Rasperri PI

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