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  • Excellant Connector

    posted by bls123

    Perfect for my use which was to have 2 nice molded connectors, each on a short cable for powering projects where using one of these worked out better than using a circuit board mounted connector. Much neater and provides a more reliable wire to socket connection than wiring your own cable to a replacement jack.
    Could also be used as is of course. The 3rd connector was simply cut off and discarded to have maximum cable length on the other 2, but one could actually end up with 3 useful connectors if the other 2 were cut a bit shorter.
    Can't beat the price for 2 cables with molded connectors.
  • The connector is good

    posted by prerakg

    The connector fits good. The length of the connector seems to be just fine. Its not too short and that is why it does not tangle with other wires. The connection seems to be fine with the other adapters
    The connector is good and I will recommend to everyone who is looking for one and will definitely buy it again or a similar one if and when required.
    Everything about this connector convert is just fine does its job very well, fits more well and is about the perfect length and size
  • 9V, 250mA power supply for your gadgets

    posted by andrewsund

    Fits gadgets, US plug, fine for low current applications.
    Needs the voltage and current rating in the product title. Needs the voltage and current rating in the product title.
    Fine for lower power uses. Better labelling would give more information to make informed choice instead of buying two losing lottery tickets like I did.
  • Great Product

    posted by ksenchy

    This product is mainly used for prototyping on your breadboard, one like SKU: 118354. The alligator clips are good sized and they perform very well. It can be used to power your breadboard in combination with two male to male wires, which are then held in alligator clips or vice versa.
    Awesome product.
    It's really cheap and the quality is awesome, perfect buy.
  • perfect fit, good quality

    posted by Diesel4Driver

    perfect fit, good quality
    Shipping took a little bit long time. ;-) This cable-adapter is the perfect solution for the Raspberry! It fits perfectly and it only has a length of 10 centimeter. I also use this adapter for my Android mini tablet - so I only need one power supply at work.
    5.5mm x 2.1mm female to micro USB male

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