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2 wire cable Customers Reviews

  • Did the job

    posted by chadross

    Great price and simple application for usage. I built a custom workstation space in my home office and needed some cable management to keep everything looking neat and tidy. This did the trick with no problems as they are super easy to attach and use.
    Would have been nice if both plastic wire cable plug holders were black, but that's not really that much of a big deal.
    If you need cheap cable management that is flexible in placement, this is your product.
  • Good price, high quality.

    posted by spoors3737

    High quality terminal connectors, connectors can be coupled to 4, 6, 8 etc Easy to use due to the small size, your DIY printed circuit boards (project) does not have to be too large due to the size of the terminal connectors.Same type of terminal connectors are known to be higher in price in Europe.
    Already ordered several hundreds of these connectors and most probably more to follow.
    If you need reliable and small terminal connectors on your printed circuitboards these will not let you down.
  • Your basic terminal

    posted by realblades

    A few that I've tried worked fine. Rest look good. Seems decent enough quality. They have little grooves for attaching pairs together to form longer strips. Easily soldered pins. Combination slot and cross screws (3.5mm dia).
    Green, as pictured.Marked:KEFA RU CE KF126 250V 8A 14-26 AWGPins roughly 1mm diameter.
    You can always find use for a few screw terminals.
  • not suitable for MacBook (unibody)

    posted by juozas1

    Cheap price, fast shipping time to East EU, long wire it really usefull length, strong wire, plastic wire coating, good for standard laptops to secure to some unmovible things.
    nothing to say more, be aware of that it does not suit Apple MacBooks laptops
    Buy it if you need such thig for your laptop (not MacBook),
  • Surprisingly easy to use.

    posted by MuuSer

    You can check cables in working conditions - without needing to connect receiver to other end of wire. It does suffice when one end is plugged to transmitter and other end connected to computer or switch.Batteries are included, so you can start checking your cables right away.
    Building quality is not the best. Actually it looks like cheap plastic device, but anyway works like charm and it’s most important. Moreover – you can hide this device to carrying pouch that looks somehow more expensive, than tracker itself.
    Surprisingly easy to use.

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