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2 port usb adapter

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2 port usb adapter Customers Reviews

  • Reasonable quality, take into account power rating limitations into account

    posted by regireg

    The build is reasonable, but you should not expect too much.It fits instead of the round ashtray I have in Toyota Corolla.
    As shown on the packaging.USB is rated 1000mA, but each USB socket is limited to 500mATotal output power (except USB) is limited to 60W
    Recommend this device if you have a bunch of low-power USB devices that you need to charge/power simultaneously.
  • two is better than one

    posted by j5ive

    the plug can be angled up to 180 degrees.
    the plug being able to fold in any angle up to 180 degrees is great, and certainly saves space on the wall plug or power bar.
    However, it would not handle my 4th gen iPod Touch when the other USB port is being used to charge another device (cell phone in my case). An error shows up saying the power supply is incompatible. once the other device is removed, it works again. too bad.
    great idea, but didn't work for my needs
  • Cheap and works

    posted by MuuMuu

    - Adds two USB 3 port on older laptops.- It's slim and does not stick out.- Plug and play: I plugged in my Dell M1730 (Win 8) and it just worked.
    While it's a lot more faster than regular USB 2 ports, you won't get USB3 full speed due to PCIe limitations.
    The only useful PCIe card I've actually found for my pc.
  • Perfect!

    posted by Tiuribis

    Fits well on my desktop, just bought because i need more usb ports and my video card is too big that my pci slot is hidden.The built quality is vry nice, had no problems, well made.The price a pro too, u really must buy it!
    No software is needed to install it, simply insert the cable in an internal usb port and u'r ready to use it!
    U must buy it, nowadays, we'r having more and more usb periferals, if u don't want only 2 more ports, and thos aren't enough for u, u must try the adapters with 3 or 4 usb ports.

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