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2 port switch

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2 port switch Customers Reviews

  • Cheap, easy to use KVM switch

    posted by kwokkie

    It's very cheap for what it does, and feels sturdy enough. Plug and play, real easy to use, and remembers caps/num/scroll lock status for both computers.
    The KVM switch draws power from the keyboard port of the computers (according to the user manual). A laptop might not support the required power, so a power jack is available for an external power supply (9Volt 500mA). The extra power supply is not provided with this KVM switch.
    It works and it's cheap, what more do you want? Well, the necessary cables to make things work would be nice, but you can't really expect that for this price :-)
  • 2 Port splitter - USB

    posted by ozpete

    Works well - can now use my printer on both my Mac and PC rather than having to set up a network printer which I had been unsuccessful with in the past
    Its clean with pushbuttons that are easy to use (no need to press hard)
    Simple, but does whats needed
  • It simply works!

    posted by yusenda1

    Simple designButtons easy to clickEasy to plug in to VGA jackBuild strong enough (although it's very light that you will have to duct tape it to make it stay in one place)
    Make sure you have duct tape to make it stay in one place
    I recommend it for admins with many PCs (i.e. headless servers) and less monitors. For server farm, you'll need something with more capacity.
  • It just works

    posted by fredeve

    VERY cheap.Just works.Doesent feel very cheap.have usead for over a month, it still works.The RJ45 contact seem to be of good quality.
    for this price, this product is awsome, the plastic doesent feel very cheap.Did not take to long to ship.
    only place on the web i could find such a product, and it was very cheap.I use this device every day to switch between two internal networks, no problems at all. I give this product my best ratings.Thumbs up from me.
  • Worked straight out of the box

    posted by stanlew

    Does what it advertises, and at such a low low price. I bought this for use in office because I have 2 screens and 1 set of keyboard/mouse. But I added another mini-ITX PC at work so I can do other work when I'm idling. So in order to make it look like I'm actually doing real work, I needed a way to quickly switch between inputs (via a USB hub) to the work PC and personal PC... You get the idea. The switching is quite fast, takes about 1 second from one to the other. Really happy with the performance, in fact I'm using it right now.
    I'd buy another one just in case this one gives way.
    If you need a method to switch inputs between 2 PCs, you should get this. You don't need a true KVM if you don't need to switch displays, this is way cheaper than a KVM.

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