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2 port switch

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2 port switch Customers Reviews

  • Usable

    posted by bombshop

    Does not need external power, uses the power of either one of ps/2 ports.
    Quick switching via button or hot key combination (scroll lock -> scroll lock -> 1 or 2)
    Just plug and use :)
    The housing had some very little cracks when it arrived especially in the corners of connector windows. The computer indicator leds are bright red.
    Flashing means searching for input (ie. after tapping scroll lock 2 times it waits for you to press either 1 or 2, flashing )
    A definitely must have, saves lots and lots of time. Get it unless you can find a better price / performance ratio (if you find it inform us)
  • Great thing

    posted by Chen1337

    Great product for ppls who wanna put up 1 screen for 2 pcs , probably good for using on a home office or if u wish to play some game and run 2 clients in 2 pcs , good for ppls who has 2 personals computer at home and has only 1 screen .
    I ordered it like 3 weeks ago , after few days its changed to shiped and arrived 2 and half week later to my state . so far good product 1 click 2 switch
  • It just works

    posted by fredeve

    VERY cheap.Just works.Doesent feel very cheap.have usead for over a month, it still works.The RJ45 contact seem to be of good quality.
    for this price, this product is awsome, the plastic doesent feel very cheap.Did not take to long to ship.
    only place on the web i could find such a product, and it was very cheap.I use this device every day to switch between two internal networks, no problems at all. I give this product my best ratings.Thumbs up from me.
  • Good price and work!

    posted by RodrigoMS

    - Very cheap, a same item here in my country costs 3x more.
    - Works great, even with a notebook and and a PC connected.
    - Can change the monitor by keyboard ou manually on the KVM.
    If you already have the KVM cables to connect the PCs to the KVM you must buy it. For a low price you will have a good KVM that do what it promise.
    I bought 2 of this and the both works good.
  • Cheap and does what it has to do

    posted by enrico010

    + Plug and play+ Very reasonable price+ Sound connections work good
    It does what it has to do and very easy to install
    I use this KVM only for switchign my keyboard and mouse since I have multiple display's on my desk, so my desk is now clean and I don't get confused with the wrong keyboard/mouse which happened before I had the KVM :-)


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