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2 pcs Customers Reviews

  • Good quality, but smaller than it seems

    posted by machadoug

    The product is made of a good material, so it is of a Good quality and there is a "screw"for extra safety, so it does not open easily.
    Don't forget to read the Specifications, so you will not get disappointed, like I did.The lock option was what I was looking for, too bad it did not work for me.
    Too small for me, but very good quality. If you need a SMALL Carabineer Hooks, go for it! ;-)
  • Only nice !

    posted by Typhoon2011

    That gives a beautiful aspect, a new look for my 2 wheels ! It is very white in the night even in the day, you can see the white color of the bulbs. That makes it possible to be more modern
    Fast delivery, perfect quality for the price ! You can by it if you want to change the look ! It is very easy to change it without any difficulties !
    For the price, it is very nice to change our bulbs ! You will not be disappointed quality, go there the closed eyes!
  • Great quality

    posted by Luizrick

    It's very well made, and i can't find this near my house. Very low impedance, and everything that a switch need to work in your DIY project.
    As it is a padronized component, there is not to much to do to make it better. The material is great, it's hard to melt the plastic and fits well in the protoboard.
    There isn't too much to say. Its a DIP switch and works very well.
  • Happy goodies of vintage style

    posted by PascalG

    This is a silicone cup mat that make me happy to find it. I was in search for a present for a best friend who is Deejay.
    This is a cool idea for a present, Vinyl record style is pretty nice and usefull for my coffee, but also for another drink (cold or not).
    Just make your choice, there is also a blue version that I bought too... but it could be nice to get twice. I hope it will be possible to find others colors soon.
  • Very useful

    posted by pocavoz

    Adaptable to all pins. Perfect work with SKU: 80208Easy to detach. More than one same color/pcs. I will buy much more because make me work quicker. 2,54cm easy to achieve when are together. Better than ICD connectors with flat cable, weaker than this and more adaptable to the connector. Combined with SKU:80208, can achieve cable longer than 40cm!
    Needed as workbench.
    Needed in every workshop

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