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2 mode flashlight Customers Reviews

  • B.r.ight.

    posted by frollard

    Magnificently bright. Unheard-of bright. wow. bright. Did I mention bright? When compared to my 1400 lumen video projector, it washes out the entire wall making the picture totally disappear, zero contrast. To walk all over a 1400 lumen projector beam like that is mind boggling.on/fade to low/fast strobe with memory is quick to turn on and off.
    Remarkably bright light, not too heavy, gets 'warm' is an understatement. I'd like an 18650 charger w/ 4 slots and potentially 4 batteries included, but what can you do eh?
    If you need a ridonculous light then get this flashlight.
  • Great Bright Flashlight!!!

    posted by Btrek89

    This flashlight Is well made it feels strong and has a good weight to it. It is also small enough to fit in the corner of your pocket and with the clip it makes it easy to get to so you can grab it right away.
    Make sure you know it takes A 18650 battery and will not take AA or even a AAA carrier.
    Very bright flashlight and easy to use I would recommend.
  • Handy and useful

    posted by gasbag11

    Both lights work well and it also writes well. Slide the switch forward and the main light comes on. Slide it back and the writing end lights up. Not super bright, but it's enough to write in the dark with, and the light is focused very well. The pocket clip snaps on and should stay on the light well, yet it's easy to remove.
    The refills are pretty small so I wouldn't try to write a book with it, but it wasn't designed for that. But it's great for writing a few numbers or something in the dark and not having to look for a flashlight.
    If you have a use for it, even occasionally, get one. Or if you're like me and like flashlight/gadgets, that's even better. I bought two because I'm sure someone will borrow one and "forget" to return it. :)
  • Good light, but nothing is enough...

    posted by Mara127

    This one has a good driver. Draws 2,4A - 3A depending your battery. Better than Fandyfire STL V2 which I too own. Fandyfire STL V2 draws only 1,7 with fresh batteries.
    This is the one you should order, if you consider between Fandyfire STL V2 and Fandyfire 3900. This one have bit more throw and more light output. If you want better thrower, then go for Trustfire X6 or wait for a better option...
  • Nice Heavy LiNight

    posted by peggjam

    Nice light for shining for coyotes when night hunting. Not so heavy that your arm gets tired though. Beam is tight even at it's furtherest useful yardage, which is about 100yds. It will pick up eyes at further distances, so you know they are coming in. Battery life is good, and because they are rechargable, it is inexpensve to operate. Buy a set of batteries and you will always have a spare.
    With the price of these lights, you can afford to buy several, and give one to your hunting partner.
    I don't think you can go wrong with this light.


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