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2 led bulb

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2 led bulb Customers Reviews

  • does the job!

    posted by matrix-neo

    -low power consumption-very low heat output (compared to normal bulbs)-uses standard bayonet type connector -very low cost, only 70cents per bulb!-clear lens which can be used with any colored lens like red/blue etc
    good replacement bulbs where you dont want the car battery to go flat, or as a low light replacement for a flashlight, the other thing is leds have a narrower angle of output, so not suitable where bulb is installed at right angles to area to be lit
    great led replacement !
  • Very bright

    posted by yorky2011

    These are one of the brightest T10 lights you can get at the moment from Dealextreme. With LED's on the side it spreads all its light out 360 degrees.
    Price is a little high but for the brightness but worth it. Obviously its very long, so be sure to check the sizing in your vehicle first. Mine fit fine in the front parking lights hole.
    Without the blown fuse issue these would have been perfect.
  • It's a 42mm dome light with 6 LED

    posted by SimonW

    It is very good price considering shipping is included.
    Fit on 31mm dome light socket althought one of the socket will be a little pushed open.
    Not knowing the size of this dome light, I bought it to try on my Honda. Most Honda uses 31mm dome light, not 42mm. It will fit in the socket, but one of the side will be tilted a little. It's hard to tell when the cover is back on.
  • Fantastic

    posted by SergeKh

    Very small, print with LEDs is only thing sticking out from holder (few millimeters). But super bright, maybe even too much. On full power camera couldn't catch anything on the screen, only green light.At first view doesn't look very solid (i needed some violence to mount them to dash), but they are.
    got some problems with fitting it in the dash. Print is a part of mm bigger than hole. Had no tools by the hand to make hole bigger else if woldn't be any problem to fit it.
    Can only recommend it. And for sure will buy it again.
  • They are ok, good price for pack

    posted by Bjorn17

    SmallVery bright, many times brigther then original instrument panel lights in a car.
    Most people tend to use these in an instrument panel - car, bike etc. For that case they should be matt and wide angled. These are clear coated and not very wide angle build.
    Good if you know where and how to use them.

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