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2 controller Customers Reviews

  • Great Toy

    posted by Mawerick74

    Superb,realy fast, quality made my son is so happy and me afcourse i"m 38 and i love this speedy gonzales.Really responsive, with a lot of speed features you can change. And IT IS FAST! Great for small stunts!
    I recomendet to everyone from 5 to 100 y old
    Bottomline, I am very satisfied .Shiping was ok 20 days,Thanks DX;)Are definatly going to buy more of these in the other colours, so i have some in stock if the current one is going to break down:) and just to have some to choose from:)
  • work on Sony Alpha 550

    posted by lcname

    work on my sony A550
    I guess all the sony DSLR have the same plug including the new ones 560, 580 and so on
    plug goes upside down - wire up - but this is a sony way
    the cover for the connector and the plug in the camera don't allow another way
    nice way to set the timers by joystick type control
    nice manual - for first time user like me
    good letter size for my old eyes
    must remove the batteries to turn it off, but this is a con and a pro because batteries can leak in time and destroy the equipment ( it happen to me in the past )
    1 to 399 shoots OR infinite - I guess it's a default way for this type of timer
    good unit, does the job very well, easy to learn manual, maybe don't need to be so big but this is not a real problem
    less expensive then the same thing but smaller sku.19695
  • Great Replacement

    posted by shenske

    Looks and feels VERY close to OEM.Very easy to replace and re-install. Assuming you have a security torx screwdriver to open the controller shell.Well padded and secure during the shipping process.Price. Are you kidding me @2 for two replacement caps and a the silicone pads. Thats a steal.
    Overall the price and quality is great. Spending two bucks for the feeling of a new controller is well worth it. The springy-ness of the buttons and the grip of the joysticks is great!
  • Exelent universal cheap remote controller

    posted by mrPeetCZ

    In system it will add new keyboard and mouse (standard HID devices) so it can be easily used in different OS without special driver !! (tested win XP, linux)Each button can be adjusted (with aplication on CD) to specific action and settings is stored in device. It can switch on the computer via power switch.
    Excelent for that price. When you look remote controller which can switch the computer on.
  • Works great, good performance

    posted by Himmel

    I needed more usb speed for copying files to my mediaplayer with HD en external HD's. Local store asked about 50 euro for an usb 3.0 pci-e card. So i came to deal extreme and found this1.The product arrived after 2 weeks in an envelope which held an box with the card and mini-cd. After installing it in my desktop i installed the software from the mini-cd.I'm using W7 and had absolute no problems. Testing the file transfer and the speed is about 98MB per sec. Much faster then my 2.0
    The speed of 5.0GBPS is not the speed you can get with USB 3.0. Using a quadcore PC here with 4 gig-32bitMax for me is 98MB per sec, which is fine and much faster then USB 2.0 Did read some test and others usb 3.0 cards offer the same speed.
    Good product for a nice price!

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