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  • Nice oscilloscope

    posted by budavargas

    At first sigth: A sturdy portatile oscilloscope with a big screen and a nice carring bag. It has an intuitive stable software with drivers included (only for Windows, sadly) and an engrish manual. Easy to operate after a while. Can take bmp screenshots and store them directly to an USB drive pluged.
    Testing: I was able able to see signals up to 60 [MHz]. Also, I generated a 100 [nsec] pulse at 500[Hz] for transcient analysis and I got quite amazed. Finally, it has a good 50-60 [Hz] issolation (220 VAC/50 Hz in my country). For test results, see the photo section
    Battery efectively last for 5 to 6 hours. I've been using this oscilloscope for the last 6 month and battery life is still the same.
    I found that combining a multitester with an oscilloscope is a very clever idea. Very useful to carry a single instrument to do several measures. Measures using the multitester are stable and within my error tolerance.
    It's most impresive fact it's is price. For 450 bucks, you have a very nice instrument ideal for a basic design and development bench.
    60 [MHz] and 100 [nsec] pulses tests are shown on the photo section of this item.
    Equipment used:
    -BK Presicion 2542 100[MHz] DSO
    -HP 8594E Spectrum Analizer
    -HP 8350A Sweep Oscilator
    -Digilent Spartan 3E-1600 Development Board (for pulse generation)
    An overall useful oscilloscope for hobby and semi-pro uses. It will not remplace a BK precition, Tectronic or any other well known manufacturer but it's nice to have some of their capabilities for 1/2 or 1/3 of their prices. Im glad with my purchase and will recomend it to every situation where a basic oscilloscope is needed.
  • simple and functional

    posted by david.vinazza

    Holes in the corners make this item easy to mount, and pins will ease connections with our arduino projects or homemade circuits.
    This item is easy to understand and very helpfull to use in amateur/profesional projects. Made myself a neat clap clap switch.
    Handle with care! Avoid working with high voltage -develop your project first, connect afterwards. Mount firmly if you don't want hazards.
  • Good enough

    posted by 1hysn1

    in general looking good. touch screen is cool. good loudness. I can use my phone charge adapter to charge this(Same with galaxy s2). Easily connect with Bluetooth and wire.
    Should be a little cheaper but i recommend it
    Should be a little cheaper but i recommend it
  • Very good sound quality for the price

    posted by romvesenet

    Very good sound quality, cheap, easy to use (just plug the USB to a power supply, computer, etc, and stereo jack), volume control
    I guess a sub woofer would have been appropriate to reach the lower frequencies. But it sounded a lot better than my laptop speakers.
    I would say it's a lot better than what I expected for the price! I also bought another speaker from DX.com for 2$ less (mono), which had very poor sound quality, so I would say this is a very good buy.
  • MINI boat

    posted by Diammond

    Great Little Boat!Easy to use.Very small so if you don't have much space to store it, it doesn't need much!Very basic controls so good for children.
    For under $20 it is good for a child. But still costly compared to other items on DX for it's simplicity.
    If you want a cheap gift for a child, this is very easy to use. And will run out of power before the child gets bored of it.

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