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Check out the great 2 channel relay to see if there is any that suits you. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

2 channel relay Customers Reviews

  • Very high quality

    posted by pryur

    Very quality build. All the materials used in device are high quality: relays, board itself and connectors.It has leds, one for indicating power, and two for indicating relay state.Delivery package is also high quality.
    It arrived in a very nice package - corton box.I use it in my smart-home project for remote controlling of outlets, and control room lighting.Can operate as a normally open switch and as normally closed switch.It can fit power under appox 2500 Whatts.
    Recommend to buy, it is worth the money.
  • Quite nice shield for controlling loads

    posted by rickkonz

    Easiest way to get 2 relays under arduino control, can replace other xbee sheields, but even if you dont need that, its still a good buy.Screw terminals for Vin are a good start.Jumpers to configure the xbee connection so that you can keep the hardware serial going to the host computer.
    Not tried the Nrf or other wireless headers yet
    For low voltage switching its a great shield. Mains voltage - no way.
  • Very good Wireless Remote control

    posted by Nick17200

    I bought 10 sets of this model of remoteI am very happy with them. They consium low power, long-range .Working frequency: 433.92MHz, Control modes: Latch (L), Unlatch (M), They report excellent price! Honestly recommend!
    Although the figure is frameless reception I received as a bonus the 10 sets with case!The wireless receiving controller, with high-security, stable performance, low power consumption.
    radio remote control high quality, robust and stable!
  • very good workin relay

    posted by dreezy

    his device works very well. I want to switch a filterpump from my swimmingpool with the k8055 (velleman-kit) and it works very well. I use an ordinary computer supply for the voltage i needed.I connected the 4 different pins as followed:vcc = 5V computersupplyGND = GND computersupplych1 -> clamp (K8055) even as ch2 (see also the website [http://zwembadforum.be/download/file.php?id=306]from the clamp to 5V a resistor from 2k2
    there are no other thougts..schematics to connect the K8055 and these relay board can be found at this websitehttp://zwembadforum.be/download/file.php?id=306
    everythings works fine. The relay is switching well unless there is any voltage on pen VCC. This means 1,8 - 5 V. If it is not, or the voltage is lower, the relay wil NOT switch.
  • Good for Proto and maybe production

    posted by TimTheEngineer

    - Includes screw through mouts for mounting to a chassis or project board- Very cheap to include two relays, PCB, headers, and driver circuits.- Very simply wiring because of screw terminals- Does come in a small anti-static bag
    If you can run a meter and need a simple 2CH relay circuit you would be hard pressed to build this for less not to mention the time it would take.For a Proto it's a no brainer, buy two.


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