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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase 2 box here and you can save money at the same time. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.

2 box Customers Reviews

  • Nerf Vulcan, Stampede and Vigilon Mod!

    posted by gutterball

    Cheap!Pretty well made, works great with the blue and gray 2500 Trust Fires DX sells.These are actually pretty hard to find.
    I use 2 of these in series in my Nerf Vulcan, Stampede and Vigilon blasters. Awesome rates of fire, makes the motors super loud. Been using all my blasters at close to double the voltage and they all still work fine!
    Keeps my battery trays looking cleaner.
  • Very usefull speaker and worth the money!

    posted by Skunkie

    The speaker is amazing. It is extremely well build quality. Sturdy and feels like it can last a very long time. The buttons also feel sturdy.The sound quality is very good and clear for its size. Barely any distortion at higher volume levels. And good low frequencies.
    The FM radio might not work in my area, but could work somewhere else I guess.
    Amazing product. Even though the FM radio appears to be useless in my area, I would still recommend this gadget as a Bluetooth speaker. It is still worth the price because the quality is amazing.
  • Missing Egg-sellence

    posted by Anyjen

    It's really convenient to carry hard-boiled eggs for a packed lunch or a healthy snack without them rolling around and the shell breaking. Even raw eggs are generally safe when they're being carried inside these.
    If they were to fix the snap that hold it closed, it would be a great product. As it is, it has a very short life, and for the price, it doesn't seem worth it.
    If you are going to get it, get a couple, because each one is not going to last long.
  • I expected a better product

    posted by SoraLobbut

    * It has a nice chocolate-looking design.* Good capacity, can keep several pills in every case.* Price is good for what you get.
    If it was marked below with the days of the week, or some numbers, it could be a lot better. My mom didn't like it, said she would forget what she was taking without any labels.
    It was not exactly what I expected.
  • Very sturdy, quality material; great buy!

    posted by Webfox

    This product has so many pros!- It is very hard.- It feels sturdy.- It has nice protective foam inside.- It has a rubber "ring" so it is waterproof.- It has shoulder strap, which can be taken off.
    The closing mechanism is a little tough, but that gets better the more you open it.At least you know it won't suddenly fall open or anything.
    Great product!The price is a little high for DX, but so is the quality, so it's a very good buy!

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