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2 bamboo Customers Reviews

  • One of my favourite cases, made of real bamboo wood

    posted by miskhak

    - made of real wood, really sturdy.- completely wraps around and protects the sides of the phone as well.- nice texture, easy to grip, doesn't slip.- all buttons are fully operable, pen access is easy as well.- the two halves of the case sit real tight and lock in place, will never come apart accidentally.
    How to dismantle the case: 1. Lay down the phone on a flat surface, face down.2. Put your thumb in the very centre of the case, mildly apply some pressure.3. Gently pull the lower (smaller) half of the case away from the phone.4. Now the upper half can be pulled off as well.
    I have never dropped my Note 2, so I cannot say how well this case will protect it when I do. But this case is the one that I trust the most to protect my phone in daily usage.Plus, how many people do you see with a wood-en(cased) phone? ;)
  • Very cool and stylish keyboard

    posted by Tau34RUS

    Very beautiful, high quality, a masterpiece.I already have the same mouse (bamboo) that works well.Build quality is excellent, no irregularities.No problems detected when you press "Esc + Pause Break" - keyboard began to work.
    A bit different from the picture: packaging is different and the battery cover, but it is even more convenient.
    A remarkable thing. Price in retail stores is more hi. It's worth it to buy it, you will not be disappointed.
  • May be it can help you.

    posted by Tessa25

    Nice two pockets with something fine – they have the right size to introduce the into the grown-up’s shoes. In my town the similar absorbers are more expensive – so I like the price.
    I thought it will remove the odour from the shoes quickly, but …
    May it will help you to remove the odour from your shoes, but in my case its properties are questionable.
  • It really looks great, so pleased!

    posted by wulfies

    It's really smooth to touch, the built quality is good, it seems to be made out of bamboo and, well, it's stunningly elegant!
    I haven't tested the wireless range, so who knows.The keys are kind of slim. I personally don't find that a problem, but it might be for some.Bear in mind it has an English QWERTY key setup, I personally don't mind that even though most of the time I use another setup.It does have some useless internet, calculator, etc. keys, that with a little tweaking can be reprogrammed.The keyboard does have the little legs on the back so you can lift it, but they are rather short for my liking (i.e. you don't get much of an elevation).
    Nothing more to say, the keyboard was way better than what I awaited, the mouse, on the other had, was within my expectations.It's not cheap.It should be in a place where it can stand out, I mean, the best part of the set is the amazing look.

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