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2 aaa Customers Reviews

  • Awesome keychain flashlight

    posted by NaCl

    Very very small, light weight twisty EDC, like for a keychain. Two modes hi and low accessible by twisting the head. Hi works perfect for outdoor or room illumination by tail standing and ceiling bouncing. Using a NiMH AAA Eneloop (800mAh), the drain current is 380mA and gives 95 min of 70lm. Low mode is low enough for indoor use, annotations or reading without blinding. With the same baterie the drain current is 52mA. I didn´t test the duration but should be close to 12hs. Nice outside machining allows acceptable single hand operation. Excellent threading gives a smooth open close action. 2 o ring slots for sealing, though just one is included and yet is enough. Light emitted with nice white color but some green tint, a useful hotspot and smooth gradual fill, no sharp edges in the light pattern.
    Best flashlight I bought from DX. Is with me every day since I recived it a month ago. It fits exellent with my Leatherman squirt PS4 (same hight) in my keychain. I hardly notice it with me, except when I need it.
    If you like flashlights, buy it, if you use flashlights, buy it. Great gift. Should last many years.
  • The choice of the professional

    posted by wild3vil

    Sensation of using a real rifle
    It has a good size
    Resistant material
    It works with all the shooting games
    Four ways of using
    Nice soft buttons
    Absolutely a fine product.
    It looks great, feels great and works great.
    I would not expect to find something like this in a shop at this price. It is not cheap, but anyway it is a half of the price on my local store (on BRAZIL)
    After using you he will not be going to want other
    and It was pretty in my bookcase
    One of the best product I have bought here and strongly recommend this accessory
  • Good lighting and very bright

    posted by Brianlimwh

    Great bicycle tail light for night ride. it have total of 7mode blinking mode and stylish look ! LED is bright enough, with laser guide light it looks totally awesome.
    It come with battery, very nice stylish light. You should get for yourself 1 for night ride.
    For the price I found out the local DIY shop do selling the same light too. Around 4+usd, so this item should be cheaper. Other then this everything fine and great item !
  • Unique colour

    posted by truespiderman

    Good build quality, nice rubberized grip, decent power, and nice colour.
    The colour changes depending on the surface you are pointing at. Varies from blue to violet, although I haven't tried it on too many things. NOT suitable for a children's toy.
    Good price for what you get and makes a great gift.
  • cheapest laser tail light for your bike

    posted by mnalis

    - it is cheap enough. While it may be somewhat cheaper, it's still a great offer- twin red laser tails on the asphalt! it's not easy to find locally, and even when one can it's at outrageous prices. Around here you'd get plain LED blinking/steady light for that price - contains both classic LED tail light and very bright twin red LASERs- you can control LED (off, steady, bursts, blinking) and LASERs (on/off) independently
    I'll probably look to mod it to make it more waterproof.
    if you like the idea of the laser tails on your bicycle on night, get it - it works and looks great. And you'll meet a lot of other cyclist inquiring about it :) Just remember to take it off when you dismount the bike and lock it, lest it be stolen...


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