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2 aaa Customers Reviews

  • Easy to use. Excellent product.

    posted by dialm

    easy to use. Very convenient during transportation. Indispensable in trips. Runs on batteries. Quite accurate. Use it for medical activity.Has built-in memory. Good for people with coronary heart disease for the permanent checking of blood pressure.Very happy with the purchase. Will get some more. I recommend.
    To use exactly as instructed. And there will be no problem.
    Many good points and good price, purchase this equipment is a good deal.
  • useful for presentations

    posted by acokeaday

    cheap and easy to use. violet is seldom found around, thus making your laser color unique. though not as strong as Red laser based on color spectrum.
    get if you need a cheap laser and want to be unique. Helps out a lot in presentations and being different in color allow others to spot where you are pointing.
    will not purchase again, will go for something of better quality.
  • Superior light strenght

    posted by killamilla

    One of the best backlights I´ve ever seen. The backlight is really extra strong. Didn´t measure, but this has to be seen from like 1000meters minimun...
    If the mounting was on a higher level, this would be a TOP product.
    Very nice price, quality OK and a great performance. Why should I pay 10times more? With a little bit help (glew etc) this light can work for a very long time I hope.
  • Great!

    posted by hnrkp

    Decent build quality, easy to use and nice interface for presenting the measured values. Accurate as far as I can tell without access to medical grade equipment.
    I'm using the device as a pulse meter mainly, and for checking saturation when flying light aircraft. Seems to be comparable in quality to other really costly devices.
    Cheap, useful and great value!
  • A Pretty Useful Stereo Recorder with ultra sensitive microphones.

    posted by joseluizbh

    This is the most sensitive micro recorder that I've ever had. In fact, it is a stereo recorder because it has two microphones or one at each side. You can set it to record in SHQ - Super High Quality or less. The recorded sound is very clear. Inside a room with 120 square meters it was able to register the voice of each person despite of distance from me. I also was able to record birds singing clearly. The recording files are not big. Eg. 8 hours of recording in SHQ creates a 1.4 GB file. The battery is enough to keep it working for days. It is a useful equipment to take for school, work or for outdoor activities. Right now I am applying it do record conversations at work. My coworkers usually lie a lot. So I use to record some special meetings.
    It is a great recorder with very competive price.
    Buying it worth a lot!

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